How Yoga (and a Good Diet) Transforms Your Body

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I decided to put up photos of me doing some of my favorite yoga poses outdoors in this beautiful fall before the weather gets too cold. The workout top & bottom I’m wearing is from Cotton Cantina. I love how breathable and light the materials used in these are. However, the top is a bit sheer. I was wearing a pink exercise bra, so it was showing a bit. If you wear a neutral colored bra, you’ll be fine!

dancers pose bulletproof yoga pilates taichi les mills body flow modest

Natarajasana (dancer’s pose)

Below is an infographic from Huffington Post on “How Yoga Transforms Your Body.” The article on there is good to read too!

yoga infographic

This is how yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi (= Les Mills‘ Bodyflow) + a good diet helped me transform MY body:

* High fat diet with good saturated fats (organic grass fed butter/ghee and coconut oil) made me have more of an hourglass figure. I used to be more pear shaped. My waist slimmed down significantly without needing a corset ;-)

* The collagen produced in my body by eating more organic grass fed meat helped me have smoother skin. My hands, feet, and lips used to be so rough and dry. There is a grass fed supplement for collagen (and whey) too if you don’t eat red meat (but I highly recommend you do). I get my and my husband’s personal supplements mostly on Bulletproof’s website.

* By changing my diet,  I was able to effortlessly perform exercises that would usually wear me out. I am more flexible now, and I’m able to recover from injury pretty fast.

* Yoga (especially inversions) and Tai Chi, helped me feel so much more relaxed, happy, and alert by having  blood flow through different parts of my body better and relieving tension in my muscles.

* Pilates gave me a flatter tummy and better abs (and the food I eat made me get there a lot faster!).

* … and so much more! I will be blogging more and more about how food and the appropriate exercise on this blog now, because it has truly turned my world around (and rocked it)!


How has your lifestyle makeover (diet + exercise) changed you?

9 thoughts on “How Yoga (and a Good Diet) Transforms Your Body

  1. Great post!
    Although I have to say-that Warrior 3 pose looks uncomfortable-I’m sure it’s not for you now…but from this side of the screen…
    *Sigh* I’ve so got to get back into fitness! I was exercising very regularly, but got out of the habit, started focusing more on food and now I’m not exercising hardly at all. Need to get my rear end downstairs and just do it!

    I’ve never really liked yoga-I’ve only done secular DVDs, but for me they just have too much “weirdness” you know, the chanting and stuff. I do enjoy pilates occasionally. I’m more of a HIIT workout girl though! Crazy, short and intense! Plus I constantly find myself cold during the Winter, so a good fast sweating workout is for me! ;)

    I have to say the nicest “side effect” of eating better was my face clearing up! Weight loss is nice too though!
    Your sister in Christ,
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Hi Natasha, I believe it’s OKAY to exercise for only 15 minutes a week! I think we both learned (from our new found lifestyle!) that exercising a lot, ESPECIALLY cardio is not good for the body. The body cannot be in “defense” mode all the time and must instead be focused on “growth.” So I think with all the success you had with weight loss, I don’t think you need to workout a lot. Because I’ve had a LOT more energy than I ever had from the new diet, I cannot NOT exercise and do something with all the energy I have. It’s now a lot of fun to me and not so much work. :)

      Yoga doesn’t have to be religious. A lot of the “secular” anything is derived from religious practices. Dancing, for example is a big example of a “secular” activity derived from religious practices. It’s all about what you make of it. I have a dear friend who doesn’t like yoga, because of its background. I don’t follow the Hindu religion at all as you know, but I am a believer of taking care of the body for healing. As a Christian, we need to take care of it, because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We can’t treat it like we would an object. A lot of the New Testament “rules” about what not to eat and do actually make a lot of sense, as you learn more about the way the body works… and fails.

      Your face clearing up is AMAZING, and of course your weight loss is also very, very obvious and significant! Congrats! Keep at it!


  2. Great article! I like doing Yoga when I am stressed out or my muscles ache. After a session I usually feel 10x better. Yoga also has great benefits as you explained.
    I agree too that nutrition is everything because you can exercise all you want but you are not going to loose weight successfully without a good diet plan. :)
    Cute t-shirt by the way!

    1. Hi Heidi, thank you! Yes, the food you put inside your body is just as, if not more important. than what you have your body perform on the outside! We ARE what we eat, and I’ve become more of a believer of that than I ever did.

  3. I am a firm believer in yoga for multiple reasons – anxiety relief, healthy weight & increased flexibility are some of those reasons. I think everyone should at least try it out once or twice – it is tough at first but it is definitely worth it.

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