Work Load

These photos are really grainy, and I’m sorry! It was so dark outside when I took these! Earlier this week, I wore this outfit (with plain black tights) to a meeting in Virginia. My testosterone-dominated team and I were just awarded a contract to build an electronic document management system for a county government. I think that this will be my biggest contract yet. I’m quite excited for the reward but also extremely nervous just because I know a lot of my successes have been due to sheer luck and possibly a bit of charm! I think one ruffled-up female in her early 20s draws more attention than a sea of middle-aged Birkenstock-wearing men—which I humbly think might have been why I luckily landed this huge job. I am no expert or even a college graduate (just a year short of graduating). The tech world has been much too generous to me. I get to work at home and be a house wife all at the same time. I really do enjoy what I do despite all the headaches involved! Since middle school, I have been convinced that the computer screen was one of the culprits behind teenagers’ zits. They may not have been directly caused by the computer, but I have this notion somehow that the longer you stayed behind the computer concentrating heavily on something that sucks you right in (like a complex game or programming software), the more you forget about your surroundings, get stressed, and the more your facial pores get oily. The more this happens, the more likely you are to rub your face and stuff your mouth with grab-and-go junk like chocolate. I guess this same scenario could happen with people reading books for an extended period of time during the day, but I feel like something tangible like a book brings you closer to reality than computers. What I learned from experience is to take breaks away from the computer and drink lots of water, so you don’t feel like you’re hungry all the time. Reward yourself with accomplished tasks by taking breaks, because it really does help with your concentration. This could very well mean napping, too!
What I wore: Shirt- vintage | Cardigan- George | Necklace- Ebay | Skirt- Talbots | Tights- Soho | Shoes- Delicious

Here are a few screen caps of some of the websites I have designed:

Now, for the best part of my day—I just got two pairs of shoes in the mail today—left shoe is from Qupid, and the right is from Bonnibel, which is what I am wearing with my bridesmaid dress next weekend!

If you haven’t entered the giveaway for a cameo necklace, do so soon! It ends this Monday!