Beauty Changes: Learn From the Woman of a Thousand Faces


Fifties actress Eleanor Parker, most known for her role in The Sound of Music as the baroness, was praised for her on-screen versatility and was rightfully dubbed “Woman of a Thousand Faces” by her biographer Doug McClelland. Look through the photos of her in each of these collages… amazing!

Some people think that “ordinary” or “common-looking” people can sometimes look indistinguishable from one another, because they don’t stand out from the crowd. When you think about it however, if beauty is symmetry, isn’t that more conventional? To me, a runway model looks indistinguishable from the model next to her if I take off my contacts. I had personally been more attracted to seeing a charming flaw in a potential mate, because physical flaws contribute to giving someone a personality.


I’m not trying to make you think that Eleanor is in any way ordinary looking. Oh, that woman was a knock out. I would like to point out how we women love changing ourselves out of boredom—hair, nails, clothes, you name it. Eleanor is definitely an inspiration!

I myself have changed clothing styles significantly from one phase of my life to another. I used to like wearing cropped t-shirts and shorts in the 90s, dark clothes during my metal and goth punk days in middle school, and bubble gum pop skimpy clothing late middle school to early high school. In college, I was into Victorian/Rococo styles a lot because I was inspired by my fashionable Russian professor. My latest obvious vice was probably my drastic hair color changes. I look so different every few years, I cringe when I see an old photo of me. Do you feel the same about yourself?


As much as some men don’t understand why we do it (why we pack a ton of clothes to pick from on a trip, why we do makeovers), they do admit that they like variations here and there. If you’re in a committed relationship with your man of course, you don’t want that change to happen from one woman to another! So the best that we can do to keep him guessing and interested is to do what you’ve always enjoyed any way!

Do it to make yourself feel confident with your own beauty without going extreme. Extreme might have different thresholds for each person, however. For some, heavy makeup is a no-no. That is not really what I think, because makeup is my best friend. For me, it might just be cosmetic surgery. That is only because 1) I think it’s not very safe depending on the severity of the operation, and 2) if I start, I might not get fully satisfied with myself and be totally dependent on getting more done.

We all need to love the closest to our natural selves as we can, because only then (and in my opinion, along with holding a solid belief in at least something worthwhile to live by or for) can we truly be fulfilled.

Have fun! Put on a fashion show in front of the mirror, wear heels at home from time to time, wear sexy underwear underneath whatever you wear, wear makeup and oils at home even when no one is around, treat yourself to a spa. Love yourself, and as much as you can, try not to think you that you need something to make you happy or beautiful—that includes attention or the latest MAC palette . If it comes, then it comes. If not, stay happy and believe that you’re “beautifully and wonderfully made” whether someone is looking or not. Only you can make yourself believe that—though your significant other can help you, he just can’t be the reason for your self-appreciation.

What fun things do you like to about change about yourself?

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