Winter Wedding Wonderland

Pittsburgh-Winter-Wedding-aaronvargaphotographySource: Aaron Varga Photography

Taking a look at these fabulous winter wedding photos, I wonder why there aren’t a lot of weddings at this time. I have to say though, the brides that dress appropriate for the weather look like magical ice princesses. It may take more guts to bare your shoulders and chest in the cold, but I just personally prefer the bundled up bride when surrounded by snow.  She’s beautiful, smart, and practical. What a wife to be!

chic-newyork-winter-wedding-05-ruffledblogSource: Ruffled Blog

EmeraldLakeWinterWedding20-orangegirlpphotographsSource: Orange Girl 


Source:  Dmitri Yakimov Dmosu


Source: Hy-lite Productions


Source: Jai Girard Photography


Source: 9 Wedding Websites


Source: Jessica Claire

26bb7__woodland-Winter-wedding-inspiration-11Source: Unknown

If you do a quick search on Pinterest (Googling isn’t the only way) on winter weddings, you’ll see tons of inspiration from center pieces to party favors automatically add a vintage touch to any wedding gown. Paired with white gloves and maybe a white umbrella (a la Mary Poppins), that’ll really take you way back! Although it’s also fun to play around with flora and fauna on the crown of your head instead of a veil like the woman above. She looks somewhat otherworldly with her makeup as well, and I just love that. Some people might not want to “ruin” their once in a lifetime chance on a wedding with an art project. I say, that is a great opportunity to do it!

According to recent wedding statistics, long sleeved bride dresses were a huge trend in 2013. I myself wore a long sleeved gown with a full veil that was passed on to me by my mother-in-law. See a photo of Rob and I from our wedding in 2009 below taking “selfies” (most used and hated word of this year) with our phone!

a la modest rachel dahl wedding photo gown dress vintage

I was somewhat surprised that David’s Bridal carried a “modest” line (the category that makes the most sense for winter), but the only two dresses within that category on their website didn’t have long sleeves. To transform their existing conservative gowns for a winter wedding, you need only pair it with a fur shrug or a classy wool poncho like in the examples above—maybe even with a hot cup of cocoa in one hand and your hubby’s hand in the other for that extra warmth!

Here is a lovely example below of a simple but sophisticated wedding gown perfect for winter. I love the “backbone” in this dress from Allure Bridals:



Would you ever go for a winter wedding if you had to do it all over again (or in the future for the single ladies)?

19 thoughts on “Winter Wedding Wonderland

  1. This makes me want to get married all over again more than I already do. I want to renew our vows this year (it will be 10 years), but we won’t be able to do it. Maybe when our 15th wedding anniversary comes instead. I love these dresses! All of them! The 3rd photo <3

  2. I’m glad I see notifications now in response to my comments on your blog! hehe. I assume you did this recently to the blog! Yes!

    I have been to two renewal of vow services and both were very different. They both did have pastors to renew the vows, but I don’t believe that is necessary since they are already married. One of them was for a 50 years of marriage renewal and they had all their friends and family present and there were skits about them that people did. It was a surprise that they didn’t plan though. It was really cute and they had food for everyone. It was kinda like going to a mini wedding and was much cheaper!! The other one however, was where many couples went down the aisle to renew their vows. It as strange. It didn’t feel as special with about 10 couples walking down the aisle, but I was only about 7 when I went to that one. We went to a get together at their home with food afterwards with a bbq and such.

    1. Hi Victoria! YES, you pointed that out about not receiving the replies to your e-mail. Thank you! It’s weird how that feature disappeared through the years, and I think I did notice the decline in people coming back to respond. I didn’t care enough to do something about it until you mentioned it, because frankly you and only a handful really leave meaningful responses :-)

      I remember my mom talking about her wedding renewal with my dad. I believe it was like an altar call type ceremony, so there were a lot of them too. I don’t think they had to pay for it, so that is definitely the best economically. As far as not feeling too special, you may be right about that. That depends on the couple too, though. I don’t have a preference either way, but I would rather save money while renewing vows. My mom in particular doesn’t like to be on the spotlight, and I think the group setting worked for her.

      Maybe you can try renewing vows with a group (of strangers or friends) to cut costs? Being around married friends is a great way to celebrate each others’ blessings too.

  3. Interesting. I never heard of an altar call type of renewal.

    I didn’t think about needing to pay a pastor. I didn’t pay the pastor who married us (he’s my uncle and never even mentioned it even, which is sweet. . .but then again I was the first family member who ever asked him to marry them and he was highly honored).

    Now that I’ve thought about it, I don’t think we can do a ten year renewal, but I hope that we can do maybe a nice photoshoot and hire a photographer to do it (which will be weird for me, since I am used to being behind the camera for such things). Yeah. . .I think I might do that. I don’t like our wedding pictures because our hair is covering our faces in most of the shots (also didn’t have to pay the photographer either – was his first wedding too and now he’s improved big time but moved to Delaware or Maryland now). I’ll have to send you a couple wallets I have from our wedding (I had ordered too many and still have about 200 wallet photos left over hahahaha).

    I know I said it before. . but winter wedding gowns are so pretty!!!

    1. Hi Victoria, we didn’t pay our pastor who married us (I think), because he was our uncle too! Definitely do a post with some pretty pictures of you two by another photographer as a treat for you! We didn’t really have good photography when we got married. We just asked a few friends to snap photos (phone and digital cameras), and whatever came of it were our wedding photos. In fact, we don’t really have prints of them. They’re all digital and most are on Facebook. It was a preference of mine. We just got married so fast that we couldn’t get everything together right. I don’t regret it too much though. I hope I won’t either when I get much older.

      You can send me a wallet wedding photo in your next reply to me through mail :)

      Winter weddings are so pretty! The dresses I agree are gorgeous. I handpicked these photos from the entire WWW ;-)

  4. I love a winter wedding, I always browse them on Pinterest. The girl with the black and red poncho looks amazing!

    I also think dresses with sleeves are the way to go, it just looks more sophisticated to me than strapless.

    1. Hi Tori, although there’s no right or wrong, it’s kind of nice to hear from someone who actually think sleeves are more elegant as I! I think the same way with long gowns. The extra material makes you feel like royalty.

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