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Thanks Tish & Snooky!

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7 Responses to “When he woke up, she had blue hair.”

  1. Kailey


  2. Divina Joy Ayungo

    Nice blue hair!

  3. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    It looks so pretty Rachel!!!! I love it!

  4. Anthea

    Ah! It looks awesome! You brave girl!

  5. brisallie

    Is this your new haircolor? Love it :D I always wanted to dye my hair blue, well dark blue actually ; though your hair looks more blue/ greenish for me.

    BTW congrats for the new design of your blog, I would define it as minimalist

  6. Bee

    heyy this looks amazing! repping the non boring modest women :)
    you rock my world..

    much love from beemod..


  7. Danielle

    Your hair looks great! I just bleached and dyed my hair with Manic Panic for the first time. I used Ultra Violet. It was supposed to be purple, but my hair is deff blue!

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