What I Wear on a Typical Workout Day


On a typical workout day…

CLOTHES. I always wear capri leggings and a sleeveless workout top. They’re great for flexibility moves and inversions, so you don’t accidentally flash someone while you’re upside down! I find that loose workout clothing can actually be more immodest depending on what you’re doing! A nice snug but not too tight outfit is best. Too constrictive is uncomfortable and will limit your range of motion.

I usually opt for darker tones for bottoms to minimize my bottom curves, but today I opted for something brave and bright for a change. It’s summertime after all!

I also find that capri leggings as opposed to full length leggings also minimize the look of bulkiness on the legs. If you’re heavier on the bottom or have short legs, you can either go for dark colors to draw away attention from that area or wear below the knee capris to hide where your knees end. Capris also hug the hips, butt, thighs, and everything else… so there’s also the option of wider leg capris if you want to be a bit more covert!

I sweat SO MUCH that I have to wear clothing with material that’s breathable, so I can’t wear 100% cotton or anything heavy. Invest in a good workout top (and bra) and bottom!

JEWELRY. I try not to wear any jewelry when working out especially when doing yoga. If I do, I make sure it’s not metal. I believe that when practicing any kind of meditative exercise, metal on your body disrupts the flow of energy that’s needed for healing. That means no underwire for my sports bras.

SHOES. When I don’t do yoga, I like wearing comfortable sneakers. I don’t do a lot of cardio at all but instead do a lot of interval training and isometric exercises like yoga and Pilates, so there’s really no need for me to wear typical running sneakers when I go to the gym. These neutral sneakers with a tiny wedge in them are from City Pisces. They’re sort of beige too, so they help elongate the look of the legs! I like that these sneakers are only $30!

Speaking of, City Pisces will be having a giveaway for SHOES, SHOES, SHOES hosted here on ALAMODEST this week! Watch out for it!


 When you have good workout clothes on, you feel good about yourself and your workout. I personally tend to want to achieve more!

What do you like to wear when you workout?


19 thoughts on “What I Wear on a Typical Workout Day

  1. I wear about the same clothes as you- capri leggings and a fitted tank top. I also sweat and get hot, and do not like wearing long pants or shirts. I just get too hot! haha
    I have both running and circuit training type shoes. I do more cardio, as I enjoy that more, such as biking, walking/hiking, and swimming. So running shoes come in handy!
    I do Yoga in my bare feet – lol unless I am at a class. ;)

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Oh I know, I get hot way too fast and easily too. My friend is really skinny and gets cold way easily, so she always has a jacket with her! I don’t know what’s better (or worse)! I feel like there’s something wrong with me, because I do get warm easily—maybe we just have improved metabolism!

      You don’t go bare feet in a yoga class? How come? I advise my students to not wear socks for safety reasons and preferably no shoes, so you can learn to balance without any help. Do you wear shoes, socks, or those antislid socks? :)

  2. You are adorable <3 This is super cute! When I work out, I look ridiculous. I'm sure of it. None of my work out clothes match. I wear old shirts and I only have one pair of work out shorts that I've had since 2004. Haha. I may not look glamorous when I exercise, but dammit at least I'm staying healthy! :P

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, because now that I've found yours I can keep up with you on Bloglovin'! Yay! :DDD

    Stay sweet! <3

    – Anna


    1. Hi Anna!

      Thank you for stopping by! I found a good blog to keep coming back to ;-)

      I used to always wear worn out clothes when working out. I would even do it almost naked when I’m at home, so I don’t have to ruin my clothes! Haha. Once I started teaching at the gym though, it made me want to start dressing “professionally.” When I started out, a seasoned instructor asked me what I was wearing for my audition. I said, “just THIS I guess.” I was wearing a plain t-shirt and black capris. She disapproved, and I gave in to to the demands and expectations of the workplace thereafter!

      I’ve added you on Bloglovin & Instagram as well <3

    1. Hi Heidi,

      That’s not that weird! I used to hate showing my feet too before I did yoga actually! I still have a friend who wears socks at yoga too for that reason. She doesn’t like seeing other people’s feet also, but that wasn’t how I was! I’ve been walking barefoot a lot recently, so I just shrug it off now and don’t care about what people think about my feet! I do NOT get the obsession (or fetish) with feet though. Recently, someone on my Instagram asked me if I could show off my feet in a photo. THAT’S weird. Eeek.

      I do like those socks! A Balletone instructor at our gym lets the girls borrow her antislid socks (she has spares always). The stuff they do at her class is intense and can actually hurt your feet without socks.

  3. Very cute :) Exercise is important. I wear yoga shorts and and a top similar to yours. I could use a new pair of runners like yours though! Keep up the good work.

  4. This is a cute outfit! Loving the lime colors. I wear Fabletics clothes and have had pretty good luck. I just tried albion fit pants and fell in love. They are a bit pricy (like $64 a pair. I wait til there’s a discount code) but they’re so worth it!

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