WHAM! Michael Hoban Jacket + Blogger Meetup

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These photos are really grainy, and I apologize! These were taken with an iPhone at around 6pm on a whim.

I was about to go to the gym with these red leggings and Sketchers, and on the way out, I threw on this gorgeous Michael Hoban jacket with the words “WHAM” in a cartoony font. I just discovered a whole new world of awesome leather jackets by Mr. Hoban. I had this jacket up on eBay but decided to put it up on my Etsy instead (long story). I can’t find much info about the guy on the web, sadly, besides this article. By the looks of the design at least though, it looks like it was made in the 80s.

Jacket below from my store (it’s now UP!). Price is always negotiable!

Michael Hoban North Beach leather jacket Wham

Below you’ll find the wonderful lady that I met up with AGAIN while I was up north. It’s Justice Pirate, or my dear friend and fellow  flogger (fashion + blogger) Victoria. This was actually from the first set of photos we took, because I have yet to upload the new photos via Instagram. Check out her blog. She’s got a lot of wisdom and family fun to share! We’ve known each other for I think  a couple of years now through our blogs, and I honestly think I’ve never met anyone from online that was this awesome (besides my husband)! This gal is very passionately against slavery, loves God, and just has a big heart for the needy. Need I say more?

alamodest justicepirate

5 thoughts on “WHAM! Michael Hoban Jacket + Blogger Meetup

  1. that jacket is indeed gorgeous! I just love eighties with their over the top clothes:) You look lovely and it doesn’t matter that the photos aren’t perfect, we still see the outfit well enough.

    How lovely that you met (in person) somebody from the blogging world. She seems like such a sweetheart.

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