Do you Wear Workout Clothes to Work?


Above: Me at the gym taking photos when I’m not supposed to (use my phone… for calling, I assume).

Are any of you like me wherein you wear workout clothes while out, wear your sports bra at work, or keep a pair of sneakers in the back seat of the car or trunk? I will be working as a fitness instructor next year so that’s going to be all the time, but right now I am just a regular schmo’.

I’ve been wearing my sports bra almost on a daily basis these days, because it’s a lot more comfortable than my regular bras. I don’t really wear push up bras anymore, because those things hurt, leave red half moons on your chest, and are not good for your breast tissues. There have been anecdotes from women claiming that their backs got better (including myself) and breasts had more room to grow when they stopped wearing push up bras. I certainly did see some growth after wearing the right bra (see my previous post)!

modest workout yoga exercise clothes

Sports bra: Freya | Top: Terry Euro | Leggings: Reebok | Shoes: Skechers | Sweater: Mary Michael Designs (similar)

As far as preventing the twin peaks from going down south, that’s where you wear the right sized bra with good support—and also,  not run for a long time. In fact, just stop that activity altogether, especially if you’re a woman. I don’t run, but I am in great shape. You can get cardio and lose weight with other methods. More on that later!

As much as you’d like to wear workout clothes to work, so you can head to the gym right after work, you just can’t because of your job’s dress code. If you don’t frequent the gym, some of you belong to a job that require a lot of moving around but still need to look presentable. It would be just wonderful to have clothes that had the below specs:



Here’s a company I found whose philosophy I find on point with addressing the problem I mentioned above— Mary Michael Designs. They’re new, so they need a bit of support via their Kickstarter to make their goal of making clothes fit for work and working out (or just sweating at work) a reality. The specs above are from their website, so their clothes would be a good solution for the problem of workout vs work clothes. I love startups, don’t you? Help them out and get clothes by them! Below is a video about them:



Do you wear workout clothes out?

What is your typical exercise outfit?