What’s On Your Graphic Tee?

monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots

monkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform bootsmonkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform bootsmonkey journey to the west tshirt graphic tee outfit modest rachel dahl platform boots

I am wearing a graphic tee from Monkey: Journey to the West, an awesome operatic play composed by Damon Albarn (of Blur and Gorillaz) that we got to see in New York around this time a year ago! My husband actually bought it for himself, but it just got a tad small on him (he is beefing up, I suppose!)… so I get to wear it! Yesss.

I don’t really wear graphic tees much like I used to when I was in middle or high school. When I wear it now, I like it to say something accurate about me or what I like. I used to just put something on that looked kinda cute or cool without really thinking about what the graphic or words on my shirt say. I remember back in middle school I had this bubble gum pink jersey with glitter that said “Tiki Beach. Clothing optional.” I mean, what was I thinking? I was a Spice Girl.


Debbie Harry from Blondie

Graduating from lameness, I decided that I was going to be more intentional about graphic tees. I’d wear images of my favorite bands, albums, philosophical ideals, conspiracy theories, etc. Of course, I also thought about being mentally apt about being approached and questioned more than usual about the messages literally being communicated through my clothing. Would I be prepared? It’s definitely happened before at a grocery store when a gentleman approached me about my Beatles shirt, which is the most typical graphic tee of the most celebrated band. That was too easy. I generally stay away from the obvious, just because I am a soul always looking for something unusual in common with people! That is why Rob and I click :)

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins

PET PEEVE. I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wear iconic rock bands on their t-shirts, have you? I don’t like to judge, but I know I’d be so ticked if they didn’t know much about the band. There are other sacred or sinister symbols that are so misunderstood that a lot of people like to wear fashionably–the cross, the masons, the evil eye, illuminati, etc. I would wear any of these symbols only if I was prepared to say anything other than, “I don’t know. It looks cool.”

Vocal  graphic tees on anyone though can be just as annoying as bumper stickers plastered all over an insecure car. Can your entire personality be summed up on to the space on your chest or the butt of you car? Probably not. That is probably why a lot of us misunderstood individuals like titles of our own choosing, because it’s nice to belong, to associate sometimes. However, these things always fail to summarize the complexity of any individual, and I am usually still left misunderstood :-/

It cracks me up that I used to own shirts with Japanese Engrish on them. It was charming at first, until I realized that I could easily be mistaken as someone who can’t speak English just because I am Asian!

Do you like wearing graphic tees? What kind of graphic do you tend to pick?



7 thoughts on “What’s On Your Graphic Tee?

  1. I am not too big into wearing graphic tees. I do like the Celfie sweatshirt though – lol.
    My pet peeve is also people wearing graphic tees or clothing with crosses, illuminati, etc. imprinted on them. If you’re not christian or believe somewhat in those symbols, then why wear them? I think it’s personally disrespectful to the people that do believe in those symbols.

    Cute outfit by the way! Love the skirt :)

    1. Hi Heidi!

      Thank you :) Lol, I’ve seen a lot of #selfie shirts, but not Celfie I think. That’s so funny! I was going to get my brother one of those for his birthday, but I decided against it, because it says more about ME than it does him!

  2. When I wear graphic tees, I have preference for inspirational quotes and common stuff like flowers, butterflies, fruits or just anything that I really like it. However, and not matter how much I like an actor, musical group, I don’t tend to wear graphic tees with them on it as I prefer to be a low profile fan; also I avoid brands as I don’t wanna do promotion for free lol

  3. The shirt with the skirt and those shoes. You nailed it, dude! I love this! <3 Ahhh, god. I have so many t-shirts that I should be wearing. This just reminds me. Haha. A high percentage of them are nerdy and music related, so if I closed my eyes and grabbed one out of the pile right now, it would be either of those very likely. :D

    – Anna


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