Watercolors? They are like hue.

Yay! Here is my first outfit post since the wacky Web host crash. I definitely look happier than usual in the succeeding photos. Throwing on clothes with bright colors can probably make anyone’s mood somewhat better. There’s some proof that clothes may just be able to save the world… hah! Who am I kidding?

It’s been really hot these past few days, but this outfit was surprisingly very comfortable, because it’s made with light and silky materials. It’s a sure score to find decent and pretty clothes with materials you can layer even during the summer. It’s possible even for someone like me who’s really weird with handling temperatures, so I don’t see the weather as a reasonable excuse for wearing close to nothing when it’s hot.

Today we ate at a place called Z Burger where a lot of high school youngsters like to hang out because they have cheap greasy comfort food. I must’ve seen like ten teen girls wearing the same thing—tank tops and short booty shorts. I know that in high school it’s “cool” to show as much skin as possible, but why do they all have to dress alike? It gets kind of old. You don’t see the art kids do that of course. Art kids in high school wore the most unique and outrageous things, and those people to me were the coolest. Fitting in was a survival necessity back then, though, but I really found assimilating unattractive (to be distinguished from not being social) just to have people like (the fake) you. I’m not entirely sold on the idea of “safety in numbers,” unless safe means superficial. Of course, the more isolated you are, the crazier you get. I like crazy…unless we’re talking about being anti-social or delusional (Harold Camping?).

Oh yeah, my brother-in-law Dave and husband Rob just launched the game they developed for the iPhone today! It’s called The Last Defense of Our Time. Dave made the game, and Rob did the music and the copyediting for it. It’s really awesome. Rob and I have spent a lot of our weeks (with very little sleep) these past few months in PA with Dave just working on the game. I might have to formally introduce it in a post later, but please do come and support us today by checking out the game at the iTune’s store! It is a game with a retro feel (think Atari’s Missile Command with a Nintendo/8-bit soundtrack) and a lot of plot and character development. It’s a whole lot of fun!

Thank you all for keeping up with this blog. I really appreciate your comments! I shall be returning them shortly.


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