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I saw a few dresses that I utterly liked on this site called Atterley Road, and I thought I’d share them with you. It leaves me having a good feeling featuring a more “indie” brand versus  featuring the fashion brand monopolizers. The name Atterley Road kind of made me think of The Beatles’ album Abbey Road, so I chose a selection of black and white dresses to feature (the early Beatles uniformed look, of course).


NW3 Chiara Dress  – I will always be a fan of the mod look.


Second Female Guess Dress- Tribal / ghost apparition (?) prints have been my favorite pattern this year.


Hobbs London Victoria Dress  – 50s/60s cut bodycon dresses are elegant and very feminine.

Which of these styles best suit you?

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3 Responses to “Walking Down Atterley Road…”

  1. Romina muñoz

    I fell in love with the first dress. I see myself wearing it with a pair of booties.

  2. Chenyi Yang

    i like the cut on the hobbs london victoria dress

  3. Mafalda C.

    Beautiful dresses! The 60s vibe is always right but even more so with the right twist. It’s so great to find new indie designers, isn’t it?

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