IT Geek & Fashionista

There are only really a few IT women out there. I am not sure why, because this field is just a combination of a variety of common subjects such as math and art, both of which have a near equal representation of both sexes. I remember sticking out like a sore pink thumb in my college classes sitting among a pool of guys and and only a handful of gals (who sometimes just as well dressed and acted like the boys). I obviously don’t believe that all women in this field act like tomboys (or fictitious “fembots”). As far as I can remember, I’ve been hard-“wear”ed to mess around with computers just as long as I’ve been into fashion. I grew up with all brothers, but not once did I ever display an inch of masculinity in terms of the way I dressed. I do however like a lot of things that guys generally like or like to do, but I credit those acquired and welcomed behavioral patterns to my brothers and my ever coolest husband! Bottom line is that I may look and dress girly, but I really do enjoy a wide variety of things from the guys’ side in general. Having a technical background is just one of them (loving sci-fi movies is another!)

I felt like writing about being both an IT geek and a fashionista today because I really just wanted to show you what I wore (or most of what I wore) to a meeting I went to this morning. I had to do an informal presentation and demo on a document management application my team and I were proposing to a county in Virginia. I was reminded of my two favorite women IT professors back in my college, whom I greatly admired for their beauty, skills, and exquisite senses of style. had outstanding hotness records for them both even though they acted and dressed very professional and stylishly modest at all times. Yes, I said hotness. I wouldn’t have really admired them if they were anything less than the other things I mentioned!

I had my hair in an easy updo because it was “haute” outside and my hair has gotten quite long. I think this hairdo looked most appropriate for the setting, don’t you think? Maybe it’s also because I didn’t want to keep flipping my hair out of nervousness!

Moving on to off topics!

This is just one of two books that I got from the library a few weeks ago. They were to serve as both art and music inspirations!

Here is a close-up of all the jewelry I was wearing during the shoot. One of my professors loved pairing bold jewelry with office clothes.