Valentine’s Weekend with Deerhoof

I picked up this large nightie at Goodwill, and I was wearing it here as a loose top. I couldn’t resist the heart pocket! It’s honestly still a bit cold to wear this top as is, so I took off my jacket just for these shots. I’m sure you know that one thing I cannot stand is climate-inappropriate dressing. No one should ever sacrifice comfort (and modesty) for style. No matter how much you defend that baring skin during winter is okay, lying to yourself to look good is just silly. I outgrew my stubbornness of dressing like that a long time ago, and I think it’s as simple as common sense to subscribe to more sensible thinking. I must say though that I do wear my clothes all year because I really don’t give in to seasonal style dictations—nothing is “hot or not” or “in and out” of season for me. What I do to make my clothes climate-appropriate, though, is layer them. For instance, in these shots, I am wearing a thick sleeveless shell underneath, and on top of that, I have a cardigan and a coat on.

For Valentine’s Day weekend, Rob and I went to see the noise-pop band Deerhoof at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia. Thanks to Phrequency for the complimentary tickets! Of course, just like the last time we stayed in Philly for a weekend, we had cheesesteaks for almost every meal (we go to different places each time to try them out). Below is a playlist of not-so-clear videos we took of Deerhoof’s performance. If you will have the patience to look through, you will see vocalist and bassist Satomi’s quirky dance moves! She is so cute.

Below is a picture of me with the love of my life taken from my phone that I pasted over this adorable background Rob made from MS Paint. He made this for me while we were still courting. You can’t really see the most significant parts of the drawing, so I’ll probably post it up again on our anniversary next month. It took him a long time to complete this since it’s so detailed! I’ve forgotten how much I used to love Paint! Adobe has corrupted my innocence. I am in love with this dimpled and clefted cutie/master of MS Paint!

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  1. says

    aww. that’s cute (the picture of you two at the bottom). That nightie/shirt is really pretty!! How sweet! I honestly don’t get cold when I take photos outside other than ONE TIME which I haven’t posted the photos for yet (in a few days). I was really warm when I took the photos with my Rob the other day though, but he was being so silly about standing in the snow with his suit on while I was there with no pants and little shoes filled with snow. I didn’t complain but he did the whole time and looked so unhappy in most of the photos because of it hahaha. guess that’s why I really don’t mind doing it and feel adventurous and have fun doing that. hahahahahaha.

    I was going to enter your giveaway but because I won another of your giveaways recently I thought it would be nice to give other people a chance instead.

    This nightie of yours by the way, totally passes perfectly as a shirt. good job.

    It’s really hard to hear their music in this video but they seem fast paced and fun! Looks to me like Satori is doing Para-Para dance moves.

  2. Serenity says

    you look so girly and feminine, dear!! adorable vintage blouse and gorgeous color on you!! those boots are perfect and the beret is so sweet<33 +1

    • says

      I know! I would never wear this as a nightie!!! If it’s in the bedroom, it should be all out…. ;) I have several clothes that were made to be bedroom wear that I wear out, but that’s because they’re totally conservative.

  3. says

    You´re top´s perfect for summer! I don´t believe in baring the skin in winter just to be fashionable. My mantra is comfort first before anything else. ;)

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