Tory Burch’s Reva Clutches


One of the few brands whose logo I think looks nifty cool is Tory Burch. There’s something oriental and ancient about the way their logo looks, so that it not only voices out the brand name but also evokes a certain feeling—whether intentional or not. Tory Burch is certainly not Asian or  has certain Asian roots, nor do I think she has an affinity for Asian culture. Either way, I think Tory Burch’s Reva Clutches look fabulous! They come in silver, black (my favorite), and gold. You can buy genuine Tory Burch clutches on Moda in Pelle’s website who’s  currently taking part in a competition to win a wedding and are donating a pair of designer shoes to the lucky winner!


Sadly, part of what diminishes the aura of a logo is counterfeits. Counterfeits don’t affect the actual value of the brand name, but they leave me having a certain distaste in my mouth at least, like when I see someone carrying a bag plastered with logos of that brand. It’s in fact safer to buy non-high end brands in terms of knowing its authenticity, because non-popular names don’t get counterfeited. Sadly, Tory Burch has gotten big enough to be counterfeited. I don’t ever see Proenza Schouler or Vera Bradley replicas, but I do see Tory Burch’s. Why?


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