These are Crocs?!

Besides the obvious net that serves as a fashionable prop in these photos, the shoes are today’s topic of interest. If you haven’t noticed, I tweet more often than I blog. Then again, that’s how most people are! So a few weeks ago, I sent a photo to the blue bird of these new shoes my mother bought me. They were Crocs. A few months(or years) before then, I had sworn my vile dislike against wearing Crocs and the way those plastic fiends managed to get stuck in the mouth of an escalator, eating up a poor child’s toe. Today, I was wearing the guilty crooks (Crocs) my mom gave me because they look nothing like I thought what Crocs had always looked like. These Crocs had stylish golden straps, silver buckles, and wedges all present but without compromising the comfort! It was as if I was wearing nothing beneath my feet. They were light and soft—not bad at all!Looking at Crocs’ website, I realized that they do carry different versions of the shoe. They had more than just the famous clog Croc. I guess I do see Mary Jane flat Crocs in shoe stores, but I rarely give them much thought simply because Crocs are the farthest things from my mind when I look for shoes. I don’t think I’m alone here…

What I Wore: Vintage 80’s blouse | BQB jeans | vintage jewelry from Ebay | Crocs


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    You blog more than me! It’s so hard to find time to write these days.
    But hey, I LOVE your outfit! The scarf, blouse, belt, and SHOES look awesome. Of course, you’re always totally stylin’ Rachel! :)
    Hope you’re doing great!!

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    CUTE! I love your outfit! The nets…..interesting! LOL! :) I woulnd’t wear it but……LOL! I’ve never seen crocs quite like that! Their acutally really cute!
    “Encouraging young ladies to dress in modest, Godly, feminine fashion.”

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    I love the 4th and 5th photos!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!

    Also those shoes are crocs. . . those are odd crocs and thankfully don’t look like crocs. They aren’t really my thing still, but at least they don’t look so odd like crocs! hehehehe. You’re beautiful! inside and out! Love the pants!

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    Those wedges look nothing like the crocs I love to hate! It’s pretty and so unlike crocs lol!

    I really love your floral blouse, it’s almost as sweet as you:)


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    I love the color and glowing atmosphere in your photos. Thanks for your kind comment on my Jet Set photo series — as I commented back there, the photos in blogs like yours inspire me to try new arrangements and techniques, and to look at the world in different ways.

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    I love the print on that shirt, Rachel. How’s the fabric? Unfortunately, 80s and 90s blouses tend to have this stretchy polyester feel that stops me from amassing them in hordes.

    No! We can keep being friends even if I’m Povedan! :)) I actually never understood the “rivalry” between Miriam and Poveda. Odd to think we once lived in the same country though. When did you move to the US(or is that a weird TMI sort of question)?

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    Wow, those are indeed a far cry from the clog crocs of awfulness!
    I might even consider wearing them, since it seems I break all my fashion rules.

    Funny, for April Fools Day this year, I did a gag post on wearing crocs and styled them all with images from looklet, and so many people thought I was serious and said they were going to have to reconsider crocs — i was cracking up, but these, might actually be worthy of some reconsideration.

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    I CAN’T BELIEVE these are Crocs!! I hate the classic crocs and can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would buy them so I’m in total agreement with you about that, but these are lovely and if they’re as comfortable as you say they are I might have to but some! :)

    I’m holding a giveaway on my blog, make sure you check it out if you haven’t already

    Have a great week! xxx

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    these pics are so beautifully taken. i love everything from the floral print of the blouse to the shawl draped over your shoulders. gorgeous!

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    My favorite is the full-length seated shot without the net. That one in my opinion gives the best view of the Crocs. I would never have guessed those to be Crocs in a millian years. Good move for the Boulder, Colorado-based company to move into better-looking footwear; it may be their saving grace somewhere along the line.

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    PS “In a million years”–yes, I can spell. Funny story about Boulder, CO, Crocs’ hometown. They’ve been known as a hippie-run, ultra-progressive city for years with a near-complete outdoor smoking ban (even on your own porch), lawsuits against a woman who dyed her poodle pink with beet juice, and the works. People in the Denver, CO area where I live call the loopy, lefty-draconian University town “Planet Boulder” and “The People Republic of Boulder”. Well, the City of Boulder decided to adopt the People’s Republic of Boulder epithet for their tourism ad campaign, complete with the blocky red Communist lettering! It’s on our buses here in Denver. I guess they thought the irony was funny. Anyway, that’s the city that gave us the sweat suits of footwear.

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    Oh my goodness! I am so happy to find your blog! I try very hard to dress modestly. That’s why I chose the name I did for my blog. I think of it as “stylishly modest.” ;-)

    I know what you mean about Crocs. I’ve never liked them much – until I saw some of their more stylish shoes. My next pair of black ballet flats will be Crocs – I’m hoping they’ll hold up better than the canvas ones I wore though in just three months. :-P

    ~ Katie

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