The Story Behind à la Modest

Chandra from More Modern Modesty, or MoMoMod, invited me to do a guest post on her blog. She specifically wanted me to write a post with a “philosophical” context. She came to the right person, but I hope to not bore you with my usual novel-length musings within this requested category! Below is the original post I wrote for her site:









I started my blog, à la Modest, not to put up a righteous tone and prove that the way other people dress is wrong, but as a product of my need to express the new awakening in me of a desire to dress modestly. Neither my history nor my background predisposed me to dress the way I do now. My sense of style started out rather immodest, as I was always wanting to flaunt and attract just about everybody’s attention. Unbeknownst to anyone, I was engulfed by the darkness of insecurity. I fought and lost battles to achieve what I was lusting after—a certain look that I could never achieve, a status quo that I should never have been reaching for, and a desire from men that I should never have stolen. I can not even begin to describe how these things destroyed the way I lived and viewed life. I became dangerously anorexic wanting to achieve that model figure, dressed like typical MTV pop stars just to be like everyone else, and gave the wrong guys the time of day—all with the purpose of fulfilling that longing for love and appreciation.

Thankfully, God swept me away from all of that. He kept me physically pure after all those years, always nudging me back to His love before I lost myself completely. He provided me with an amazing husband who played a big part in my decision to dress modestly. Even though I was already informed of how certain clothes seduced men, it didn’t really stick in my brain or my heart as something immediate and of high importance until I heard it from someone I loved dearly. Isn’t that true for most of us—that we truly learn from experience and personal contact and not just through books or sermons? I did not deserve such a gift, or such mercy, but neither really does anyone else. God knew I needed Him so badly, because I cried out to Him day and night for some miraculous resolution in my shattered mind.

You’d think that marriage would have solved my insecurity, but you might think differently if you really considered how it exposes oneself to one person completely in all aspects, including physically and behaviorally. It did play a significant part in my healing process to know that someone loved me unconditionally, but being married to my husband did not solve my problem completely. God’s powerful intervention did. The combination of marriage, modesty values, and a sense of joyous satisfaction in my own body was what He brought to my life. I wish I had grasped the virtue of these things much earlier! It would have saved me from so much trouble. God was always knocking on my door, and I listened to everything else except His urging to give up the way I dressed. Clothing-wise, I was always rebelliously stubborn and cared way too much about having total control of the way I dressed. If I were to be faithful to both God and my husband, shouldn’t I have easily given up tight jeans and low-cut shirts? I made my own stand. I chose modesty.

This decision did not just change my choice of clothing. It changed my heart, my mind, and my actions. There was never anything I was so passionate about until I learned the importance of dressing modestly. I became very sensitive to how men’s minds work through the help of my husband and other men online, offline, and on paper. Women know fashion, but most of us do not really know too much about men’s deepest struggles.

My goal for à la Modest is to bridge this gap by showing other ladies how I manage to be stylish while being covered up. I do not just post photos of what I wear, but I also write about modest philosophies based on the Bible and the psychology of the sexes. I also share other things that I personally enjoy such as art, music, and movies, pulling out from them noteworthy and modest fashion inspirations!

So, hop on over to and say hi! I am not one to judge or criticize. I love all people—both men and women! My blog is not just about me, and it’s not just a fashion site. It’s for everyone!

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14 thoughts on “The Story Behind à la Modest

  1. what an excellent entry!! I really am happy VERY VERY happy to find that there are more modest bloggers out there who are trying to serve the Lord in the way they dress and live. It is something I seem to see a lot of Christians slacking in, and I think it sets more of an example of Christ and causing a big stumbling block for a lot of men who are trying to get out of their lust issues. Have you seen my modesty ministry blog at all? if you are interested in reading and seeing our entries. It would be great to get your insight there.

    About the movies, I love that you left me a giant sized comment. Those mean a lot to me. I leave them too apparently. haha. My boys loved Ponyo!! I did write a reivew for that film a few #s ago for my reviews. I didn’t get the type face joke in Shorts at first and my husband was cracking up so much and then explained it to me and I really had no idea that was how you pronounced that font!!! That was funny once it sunk in my brain. sad that I was slow. As for the box that you said you got for movies, I have instant play on my wii to see my netflix films and so I don’t think the box to filter out would work in that. Otherwise I do get the dvds as well. Make long comments again in the future !! It is nice to know people are paying attention to more than my outfit entries. I used to post a lot more spiritual entries too but I get descriptive. I pull them out once in a while, but I mainly post them on my modesty ministry blog.

    I am so glad that God showed you and I about the importance of modesty and so that we can try to encourage other ladies to live a modest life too!!

  2. this is such a touching post. i agree with you that dressing modestly could also beautiful. i have also gone through a phase where i think dressing up could lead to more attraction from the opposite sex. now i realize i’ll just be myself. keep it up!

  3. Great post, and as you said it modesty starts in the heart, it’s not completely about the way one dresses but in the way one lives. I struggled many times trying to understand what modesty meant, I thought it was just about the clothes but it is not. When I finally realized that we honor God by being modest it definitely changed my view on modesty forever.

  4. Great post!
    I have been through many of the same struggles!
    I use to always dress to try to get looks, looks I now know I don’t want from anyone but MY husband!
    I would be so very upset if girls paraded around in front of my fiancé in the clothes I use to wear!
    I, unfortunately, don’t have the gift for fashion. My style is very unique!
    I have however, through your blog and others like it, been able to find beautiful ways to dress modest!
    I love your blog! It’s so encouraging!
    Thanks for this insightful beautiful post!

  5. This entry is very inspiring, Rach! I was a bit conservative way back then, it was only in my lates 20s that I started wearing mini skirts and so you could say that I´m a late bloomer. Although my husband doesn´t really mind if I dress sexy, I´m not too comfortable exposing everything to everyone out there. It must be the upbringing in me or my values. :)

    Have a lovely, Thursday!

    PS: You´re so lucky that your parents will be visiting you and bringing you some pasalubong. For me, the best pasalubong from the Phils. aside from the food is pearl jewelry because I love pearls. :)

  6. Isn’t it amazing how God can and does save us from the very depths of sin and pain??
    I actually, recently wrote a post about my own story of healing through God on my own blog, and I’d love it if you’d stop in a look at my blog.
    It is SO nice to find another Christian who loves fashion and is commited to dressing modestly!

    ~ Katie

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