The Shoe that won’t quit

canvasshoeskimilsungMost, or at least a lot of the things that are commonly used, worn, or ingested in this modern day have a fascinating history and tale of how they came in to existence and thus survived the ordeal of time to remain a popular part of our human experience.

There’s a story, of an old Korean leader named Kim Il Sung and his shoes. It tells of a summer’s day in 1965 when Kim Il Sung, on an inspection of Changsong County in Korea, where he summoned the officials of the Sinuiju Footwear Factory to discuss the supply of shoes for the people.

After stressing the need to produce attractive and durable shoes in large quantities, he showed his own canvas shoes to the officials, saying, They are well made. Comfortable and durable, indeed,” “I bought them about five years ago, but I keep them because they have not worn out,” said the leader. The officials felt guilty of their lack of sense of economization. As they were working at a footwear factory, they would frequently change their shoes, slightly faded or worn out, for new ones. A factor now made an embarrassment.

Kim Il Sung was referred to as a great leader, and this great leader’s choice of foot wear were the ultimate canvas shoes. The rubber-soled, canvas-upper-halved shoes have been around as long as we can remember. They are said to have been developed as beachwear in the 1830s by the Liverpool Rubber Company and since, have been long journey through athletic shoes, school sports-wear and uniform shoes, gutties, pumps, dappers, beach shoes; in fact the plimsoll is the shoe that just keeps giving, the shoe that just won’t quit!

Today, George at ASDA provides a selection of these great canvas shoes. They can be found in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. With laces for a sturdier fit or the original slip-ons for the comfort you cannot compare to anything but the notion of slippers with the durability for the outdoors!

It is no wonder that Canvas Shoes are so popular, even with country’s leaders. They are comfortable, too easy to slip on and kick off, stylish, go with everything, and so durable and well made that they last forever. They even get cooler as they get more worn in; it really is the shoe that won’t quit and you’ll see them clinging on for dear life a few decades down the line with their owner shedding a little tear if they finally have to lay them to rest.

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