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The Muse of Music & Disorder

September 14th, 2010

In the house, this is probably my favorite room, where Rob and I keep our music, movies, and books. It’s also where our guests stay when they come over, but that side of the room isn’t too attractive except for the presence of several show, concert, and movie posters on the wall (which I put up when I “decorated” the room upon my arrival as a then-newly-wed). I seem to be really sloppy at decorating. I just like how the end products look, and I’m not too concerned about how neat they turn out. I “dropped out” of the idea of art classes back in elementary school when neatness became such a big deal, eventually becoming almost 50 percent of a project’s grade. Hmm…
From then on, I never took a single art class that made me do stuff with my hands (as much as I wanted to be in one) and instead turned to web and graphic design. Disorder can often be beautiful, but being a housewife, I really can’t live by those words. I can’t count on Mickey’s magic to have my mop move around by itself while I playfully hang some posters up and professionally sit behind my PC all day creating graphics and what not!
Ironically, I am very organized logically. I like categorizing and making connections, making filing, scheduling, and—geeks out—programming a breeze. Rob and I are similar in that way. This whole media room has items that are categorized so impressively, it makes me gleeful every time I “check out” a CD. This part of the room where you see me standing is just about a fourth of the entire room, so there’s a lot more that you’re not seeing!

What I Wore: Sakura Rose Mandy tunic and “one-of-a-kind” patchwork skirt, DIY flower tulle clip, vintage necklace from my grandmother-in-law

Ruby-Eyed Okapi just posted their interview of me! Don’t forget to check out their very informative blog. They update frequently.

25 Responses to “The Muse of Music & Disorder”

  1. Kit

    I like you! Mixing prints into a put together outfit is not as easy as it seems. This outfit looks just perfect!

  2. Lisa

    oh,how nice this little clip is that you’re wearing!( I totally fell in love with these hats here,maybe you like them,they are so classy and elegant but yet very modern: http://frolleinvonsofa.de/index.php?id=7 .And the skirt paired with the socks is a kewl idea!
    I like your huge music and film collection ,I wish I could look at all of them CD’s and vinyls!

  3. Tauyat

    wow very cool colors!! luv the outfit!! u dserve a vote!! cheers!

  4. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I am NOT a mixing prints person at all, but you make it look so fun with how you do it! I love the skirt a lot. We used to have tons of music too, but I sold all our cds on amazon back 4 years ago (made $500!!) since we just use them for Rob’s Zune and our computer now. I used to collect vinyl records like mad as a teen. Now we are down to two standard boxes of them. you guys have a LOT of them!!! I’d love to dig in there to see!!!! I went on a “selling all I own” frenzy when I was pregnant with Leto. I’m actually pretty minimalistic which is why I sell so much of the dresses I buy almost right away.

    I’m sorry about your height thing. Is your mom tall? That is sad that you gave into those issues of eating disorders. I didn’t know that stunted growth. I don’t know much enough about eating disorders though, although I have friends who had them (quite a few of them) but I never asked details. I figure most of the time they wouldn’t want to talk about it with me since I might have contributed to them throwing up. I remember in middle school there was an anorexic girl who used to say how she would KILL to be as thin as I was and I was disgusted and said, “no, you don’t” and even two girls who heard her say it to me said, “ew she’s too skinny”. . .and then a month later they had an anorexic/bulemic get together because she was on feeding tubes in the hospital and they didn’t want us to end up that way too.

    I did grow an inch when I was 18, and thought that was so weird. I thought girls stopped growing in height by 15. I’m 5’9″, but I was 5’6″ when I was 12.

    by the way, the captions in this entry made me giggle!!! They were so fun. you are such a bubbly person it seems!

  5. jordanaa

    wow you look gorgeous i love how you mixed everything together so adorable and that hair piece is just perfect
    great look!


  6. jordanaa

    wow you look so gorgeous i love you mixed and matched the prints@! knees highs are cute as well!

    im dying for that hair piece looks perfect with the outfit!! super cute


  7. Jamie

    I love the mix of colors in your outfit! So pretty!

  8. alb

    does the guitar work?

  9. My Republic of Fashion

    I could spend all day in that room! Great outfit. Just love your skirt. :)SarahD

  10. sweet

    simply amazing love…I love the colors of the photo the background the words that were put into this post is just perfect….

    especially loving the skirt and your top…totally gorgeous!!!!

    Keep it up!!!


  11. Collette Osuna

    Love your outfit….super cute skirt!!!

  12. Sher

    Oh, you’re rocking those yellow socks and I love your gingham tunic! I also adore the idea of having music, movies and books in one special room:)


  13. Rachel @ a la Modest

    It used to work. Now, it’s purely for decorative purposes! We do have other guitars in the house that do work, though.

  14. Marie

    Cute, fun, and eclectic…your skirt is so pretty! =)

  15. Lyddiegal

    I definitely crave organization, but I have a great fondness for quirky things, and i love pattern mixing!

  16. Sarah

    So fun and cute! It’s kind of a quirky 80’s look =]

  17. Chely

    nice photo;)

  18. Sarah

    I love the new header!! Looks great!
    Ooo, and lovely outfit Rachel!

  19. Stephie

    LOVE your blog – finally delurking to share this vintage bag giveaway with you!


  20. jamie-lee

    such a sweet outfit, and i love the flower in your hair, it’s a nice touch


  21. Anthea

    You looks so cute! That room looks like a very interesting one. I would like to know which CDs and books I’d be able to find there!

  22. Rachel @ a la Modest

    Oh, I love them!!

  23. Vikki

    These pictures are so cool and what an AMAZING room, I love all the old records, I would love to sit is there with my big head phones on and just be inspired xxx


  24. Gattina

    I am so in love with your skirts…

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