The Muse of Music & Disorder

In the house, this is probably my favorite room, where Rob and I keep our music, movies, and books. It’s also where our guests stay when they come over, but that side of the room isn’t too attractive except for the presence of several show, concert, and movie posters on the wall (which I put up when I “decorated” the room upon my arrival as a then-newly-wed). I seem to be really sloppy at decorating. I just like how the end products look, and I’m not too concerned about how neat they turn out. I “dropped out” of the idea of art classes back in elementary school when neatness became such a big deal, eventually becoming almost 50 percent of a project’s grade. Hmm…
From then on, I never took a single art class that made me do stuff with my hands (as much as I wanted to be in one) and instead turned to web and graphic design. Disorder can often be beautiful, but being a housewife, I really can’t live by those words. I can’t count on Mickey’s magic to have my mop move around by itself while I playfully hang some posters up and professionally sit behind my PC all day creating graphics and what not!
Ironically, I am very organized logically. I like categorizing and making connections, making filing, scheduling, and—geeks out—programming a breeze. Rob and I are similar in that way. This whole media room has items that are categorized so impressively, it makes me gleeful every time I “check out” a CD. This part of the room where you see me standing is just about a fourth of the entire room, so there’s a lot more that you’re not seeing!

What I Wore: Sakura Rose Mandy tunic and “one-of-a-kind” patchwork skirt, DIY flower tulle clip, vintage necklace from my grandmother-in-law

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