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The City of Brothers

November 12th, 2010

What a glorious weekday! Wednesday night, Rob and I saw Sufjan Stevens (whom Rob likes to call “Sufie”) in Philadelphia with some friends. The lights, the sounds, and the dancing were just superb. Just when we thought the performance was too surreal to be live (because the sound was crisp like a recording), Sufjan makes an error or two, giving us a sigh of relief. The whole performance in its neon-lit glory was just amazing! We were blown away. The Kimmel Center Performance Arts theater was transformed into what looked like the set of Avatar. I wish I had taken photos of the costumes and dancing! Because it was Veterans Day the day after the concert, we also got to hang out more around the historic area (can’t not go there if you’re a tourist) and downtown where all the city hipsters abound. I was wearing this liberty ruffles shirt, which I seriously hadn’t planned to wear to Philadelphia, but I thought that was a funny coincidence! Here is Rob trying to shake his country’s moneymaker.The child statue from the photo below looks like the little girl from Silent Hill.Retrospect is a hip vintage store right next to Repo Records, where we got a whole bunch of CDs. Retrospect’s stuff was honestly a little too pricey for what I am used to, so I didn’t end up buying anything. They had a great selection of vintage fur coats, boots, and furniture, among other things. Of course, how could I forget the cheesesteaks? We had three meals with cheesesteaks, and we were only in Philly for a day and a half (one midnight on Wednesday night, and then lunch and dinner on Thursday… that’s a triple cheesesteak)!

20 Responses to “The City of Brothers”

  1. Natasha Atkerson

    LoL! I like the pose! :) Cute skirt, I’m slightly obsessed with plaid right now! and I adore the shirt! So cute!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Alexis

    oh my goodness that cheese steak.. you’re adorable in your first picture :)

  3. Shey

    Yum! Cheesestakes! I have never had them but the look delish, your outfit is super cute, I love that coat, and a plaid skirt is on my wishlist!

  4. jemina

    you look so cute and omg that cheesetakes are yum yum yummy!!!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend


  5. Tawny

    Rob shaking his countries money maker! Still makes me LOL!!

    I adore your outfit!! Great feminine blouse! I’m looking for one like that!

  6. Belle

    You’re such an amazing model. :)

  7. Heidi

    Love your outfit- especially the ruffled blouse!

  8. sweet

    the steak looks yummy…ahh I think I feel so hungry looking at those with the cheese on…you are tempting me my dear…

    Sorry for not visiting your blog lately, I am so busy with work…seriously busy and I feel so drained and tired everyday…

    I love the jacket my dear…plus your skirt something really beautiful and you look good with your new hair, I know I have said this before but you look so gorgeous!!!


  9. Cheryl

    What a coincidence, I´m wearing silver shoes too in my latest post. hahaha!

    Concert watching is really nice especially if you´re watching one of your fave bands, no? ;)

  10. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    awww yey Sufjan Stevens! You look great in this outfit!!! Love it!! You two (you and Rob) seem to have lots of fun together. that’s so great. hehehe. One day I’ll go visit one of my friends who lives in Philly that I haven’t seen in a few months. I haven’t been to Philly since I was 14. eek. I want to take the boys when they are a little older so we can learn history together.

  11. Laura Connell

    I am drawn to that ruffle shirt. Being flat-chested, ruffles help “enhance” my silhouette so I quite enjoy them. As well they are fun and feminine.

  12. jamie-lee

    OMG I want to try a Philly cheesteak! You look so cute darling :)

    To answer your question I live in New Zealand so it’s actually Spring here, so I’m moving from wearing tights (slowly as our weather is so unpredictable) to bare legs :)


  13. Susu Paris Chic

    I just love your outfit. Something I’d wear any time. Sweet, put-together, cute and fun;)

  14. Steviast

    LOL at third pic
    cute coat!!

    and triple cheesesteaks!
    I’d be a happy girl :)

  15. bea

    I like the look of that record shop and vintage store. Sorry to hear how pricey it was though!

    Your hair is so cute here, Rachel. :) It sounds like the concert was awesome!

    Bea from A plus B

  16. Lyddiegal

    i imagine sufjan would be so awesome!
    love the light in your first photo, you look so pretty!

  17. erika sheffer

    I am from Philadelphia and I just love the city. I can’t believe I didn’t know about the Sufjan concert – I need to get my head out of my blog for a bit, perhaps?

    I do love me a Philly cheesteak! Where did you go for one? Of course I am biased, being a native and all ;)

    So glad you enjoyed your visit.
    style activist

  18. Elaine

    Philly! That’s my hometown. I miss it :( Glad you guys had fun at my city!!!!

  19. Gattina

    nice coat!

  20. Mafalda C.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time <3
    You are both adorable, loved your sartorial pick for the concert! :)

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