Tennis Dress Casual

I picked up a medium-sized yellow Ralph Lauren tennis dress for a good deal, but it turned out to be for girls. I fit just fine in it, but the length is way too short even for playing. So, I layered a green pleated skirt with it that was originally part of a uniform and wore black tights. Not too bad. Layering skirts can kind of look tacky, but for some skirts, they look great tiered. Here’s another example of my skirt layering in another post.

I tied a bow around the collar too, so the outfit looked a little bit more casual than sporty.
Here’s something I put together with some similar elements from my outfit:


  1. brisallie says

    Add the green skirt was a good idea if you wanna walk on streets wearing something that cover your body instead of sth that barely does. Personally when I wear mini dresses or long t-shirts/tops, I wear a pair of jeggins on the bottom.

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