Take Jane Shilton on Vacation

The above purses are variations of Jane Shilton’s Extended Gusset Tassle Bag. This is probably the most daring of all what Jane Shilton has made, which is not saying much in general (but it is if you see her entire collection). As I was looking through what I wanted to review from her’s, of course this bag stood out. First of all, it had TASSELS. I don’t really look for tassels on anything, but none of her other bags have them. A lot of them have buckles for sure, and they look very professional.

This bag was like made for the Polo-wearing prep going on vacation. I at first thought about that imagery, because I had misread the name of the bag to say “Extended GUEST Tassel Bag.” It also has two of the primary colors. I was thinking about whether the position and size of those tassels were awkward, but now I do think they should be exactly how they are. The tassels make this bag have a certain personality, and I do like them. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Take Jane Shilton on Vacation

  1. I am a TOTAL sucker for anything preppy. These are gorgeous!! I love the colors, the style, the accents…pretty much everything about them. (I haven’t peeked at the prices yet…hope I’ll be a happy camper!)

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