A Guide to Buying Maternity Underwear and Lingerie

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Since I myself am pregnant (25 weeks today!), I am expecting that more expectant mothers are tuning in my blog. Hello, and I’m happy to share my journey with you! I am currently updating my maternity underwear. My panties are too tight now as my hips get wider. I’m afraid that our little darling is…

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Honesty Not Modesty in the Bedroom


Modesty should not belong in the bedroom, because it invites temptation to your husband’s door to look for pleasure elsewhere.   Thank you kindly to Christine Lingerie for this glamorous gown, first of all! Its’ fine silk makes me feel beautiful and graceful. A few Christmases ago, a friend of mine gave me a pretty…

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Corsets: A Transcendental Garment


If you look in your closet, how many items can you find that have transcended multiple seasons let alone multiple years? Sure, maybe you’ve had them a few years, but are they really still fashionable? The idea perhaps, but the length, the fabric or neckline could easily give away it’s year of origin. When it…

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