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lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian dancers pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian dancers pose

Tree Pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian mountain tree pose

Swan Pose lime ricki swimsuit tied one piece seaweed yoga modest christian swan

This is probably the first time I’ve ever published photos of myself in a bathing suit on this blog, but I wanted to show this lovely one piece seaweed swimsuit by Lime Ricki!

Above is a series of yoga poses that challenge balance, flexibility, and opening of the hips. The first three are variations of a graceful yet powerful pose called by many names—Dancer’s, Shiva, Lord of the Dance, Lord Shiva, King Dancer, Dancing Shiva, and Saral Natarajasana in its original Sanskrit. It was one of the first poses I ever fell in love with when I first started with yoga asanas. Even when other postures capture my attention  now and then, I still go back to Dancer’s like love at first sight! There is at least a couple of other more challenging variations of this pose that I didn’t end up taking photos of.

Yoga has been ever so popular and mainstream these past few years, and the more I learn about it, the more private and personal it becomes to me. It has almost become sacred but without the connotations of  judgement or bias and exclusivity that usually come with religion. The benefits of yoga posturing are almost therapeutically immediate, and that is why it is so popular in the West (besides the coolness factor of the more challenging strength and balance poses!). However, to live by the yogic philosophy takes a great leap of faith—perhaps even greater than you would need for Christianity.

Don’t get me wrong. In a way, it takes a lot more faith to be a Christian because Christians believe in Christ being God, while there is no requirement for a Christ in yoga. Christianity is the only religion with this kind of message, where there is a need for a savior for salvation or liberation. So what I really meant to say is that for Christians it takes a whole lot more to believe in yoga than for someone who isn’t.

What do I mean by this? Many of us Christians believe that The Bible is the only source of truth. Now, there are many things that have once been thought unshakably accurate for decades in the macroscopic lens of science but proven to be inaccurate in the microscopic sense—nonetheless, they are all correct though their conclusions misguided, ie physical sciences vs. quantum physics. Thus, having seemingly opposing information doesn’t always mean only one of them is true. We are after all looking at truth with our limited spectral perception. I believe God did not include many things in the Bible not because they are evil but because we wouldn’t understand them. Things like all of humanity’s innate ability to perceive beyond the five senses probably also aren’t as important as what He really wants us to think about with our limited time.

Realizing that in and of itself, information is not evil however, it is my desire to have all and in particular Christians understand that Yoga is just another lens to look through the same world and the same universe. The philosophy of Yoga is information that may seem opposing to Christianity, but it is very much integrated. The barrier of language and culture have obscured this lens, making us think that this foreign concept is shaking our faith when both Yoga and their personal faiths are all standing on the same foundation.

Just like the sciences however, yoga, or any other faith or practice, our conclusions may also be misguided, judging the world to be flat rather than round or in the the center of the universe instead of in the wayside, all while having the same data. However, it never hurts to inquire about ourselves and the world around us. See for yourself and not look to what others are saying about a certain practice, belief, or way of living.



conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman

Although I am girly in a lot of ways, I do admire masculinity in women. Masculinity gets a bad rep in some conservative and religious communities, but if you look at these women in the photos below there is no doubt they are female. With the overabundance of estrogen in food nowadays, women could use a bit more testosterone in their bodies to balance out our hormones!

As you know, Blue Crush the movie and Roxy ads have long set the stage for what surfer girls should look like, wearing tiny bikinis that don’t realistically stay in place when riding major waves! I still prefer the surfer look with scuba suits or separates on women as I do with men. The words “tough,” “hardcore,” “serious” and “legit” come to mind when I see surfers in full clothing. I take them a bit more seriously as I do with individuals in other competitive sports. I know that may sound judgmental, but we can’t deny the reality that the same kind of thinking applies to how customers and coworkers view clothing around the workplace. It’s hard wired into our brains.

Enjoy looking through photos of lovely and talented surfer gals below that the Beach Boys’ wouldn’t give a pass:

conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman

Photo sources: Click on photos above to go directly to photographers’ websites

A few vintage photos of surfer girls are below, because I cannot help but post vintage photos of everything I talk about :)

conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman vintage conservative modest surfer swimwear girl woman vintage

Below are a few of my favorite quirky modest bathing suits from ModestSea, which are perfect for the active swimmer or surfer. Even if you’re not usually covered up on the beach, it’s nice to have water repellant clothing that is not a raincoat. I find that the best material for my workout clothes are the type that swimsuits are made of, without actually wearing a swimsuit! Water resistant material doesn’t cling to  skin easily when sweaty and hides whatever bulge you may have! PS Don’t you think the model below looks a lot like Natalie Portman?

modestsea-lori-1-swimsuit-surfer-women-girls Lori Swim Dress

modestsea-lori-1-swimsuit-surfer-women-girls Nicole 2-pc

modestsea-carmen-eva swimsuit
Eva & Carmen

ModestSea is having a 40% off pre-summer sale! Learn more from their Facebook


What do you think about these swimsuits and swim dresses—yay or nay?

I decided to make a couple of collages for my retro summer floral inspiration! Often times clothing with floral designs tend to look too girly or cutesie, cheesy, and a bit annoying. These prints however give me a different feeling, which I am not ashamed to wear at all!


 1. SWIMSUITS I’m really glad that I can pretty much go anywhere to find one piece swimsuits with a retro flare. It used to be hard to find cute styles in a one piece that was not a monokini. Of course I prefer shopping actual vintage when I have the choice to, because the treasure you find is unique. Joules is a store you may or may not have heard of, but oh boy… their retro-style womens swimwear are to die for! I put up a few of my favorites on the collage above— Bluposy, Ditsy, and Navlor.

The models above are from vintage swimwear catalogs from Catalina. I think these swimsuits would’ve been enjoyed by women then as much as we do now, don’t you think?



Unbeknownst to me, I realized that a lot of my favorite past outfits on this blog involve floral designs.  I wouldn’t normally admit that, because as much as I don’t like girly things, I tend to dress up that way! So for the more non-girly girls who secretly like florals, here is more eye candy inspiration for floral dresses from Joules. I was inspired to make paper dolls as the theme of this collage, and I found these two Doris Day paper dolls online to top it all off! Isn’t she de-lovely (*ahem* Cole Porter)?

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