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T-Shirt: Banana Republic | Belt: Moschino | Blouse: Oasap | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Vintage YSL | Jewelry: Vintage

I liked the idea of opposing vertical and horizontal lines in an outfit so much from my previous outfit post that I did it once again! This striped top from Oasap is great to wear as both a light cardigan and a blouse. It felt natural to tie the cardigan around my waist when it got a bit hotter out—good transition from dressy to casual. Hoorah for big pockets on this one!

I was hoping that this skirt would be a tad longer on me. This is what happens when you don’t try clothes on before purchasing. In this heat, I just want to buy (if I can find where to get them for a great price) a whole bunch of light pencil skirts in different colors and patterns that are knee length. I personally think skirts that are longer make your legs look longer, because they hide where your knees begin! Sounds like a punch line to a joke, but I’m serious. I live by this!

Oh, and stay tuned for a few surprises (free stuff) coming up!


The Lines Are Rebelling

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Dress: eShakti (direct link here)
Belt: Hermes & Express (layered)
Necklace: Vintage
Loafers: Debenhams

It’s hurricane season right now, and here I am posting some overly due photos from bright and sunny yesterdays! I got this 40s style dress with a “princess cut” from eShakti whom I discovered had a personalized tailoring service. Not only can you provide your measurements, but you can also customize the length of the dress, the sleeves, the pockets, and the neckline for a lot of their dresses. Nifty. It’s a bit pricey, but it looks to be fairly priced considering the personalization. This is a fantastic resource for retro-loving wedding planners seeking to get customized bridesmaid dresses.

Oh yes, it’s hurricane AND wedding season this time of year too! The news has been a downer about inclement weather calamities lately, but then again, when has it not been? I pray for everyone’s safety.

What I like most about this dress is the stripes on the top part that subtly go in different directions. I just got another blouse that did the same thing. It’s like the lines are rebelling against the usual order of things.

I wore this dress out on a regular Sunday morning with a casual pair of wedge loafers, which you can get for a really good deal (or other things) with some debenhams offer codes online. I force myself to look up coupon codes literally every time I shop online. I don’t cut out physical coupons, because I think that’s a waste of time. However, I totally have no excuse to not do a quick search on coupons for websites where I shop. It’s a money-saving compulsion. It only becomes a problem if I waste more than a couple of minutes for coupon codes! Coupons shouldn’t be a vice.


Came a-Cross Stripes

rachel dahl rachel dahl rachel dahl rachel dahl

Top: Swanque

Collar: DIY

Maxi dress: Swanque

Shoulder bag: Liz Claiborne (mine on eBay)

Shoes: Sam Edelman

I like bold and obscure patterns, and I haven’t been able to really enjoy trendy common prints like damask, polka dots, paisley, and houndstooth.  Stripes for some reason have been in the safe zone. However, I have found myself collecting only black and white when the stripes are large and blue and red when the stripes are small. Odd. I think it’s because I like it when they look nautical or vintage.

Today’s outfit however had two pieces I wouldn’t have ever thought to put together, because it goes against my own stripe habit.

I like how this outfit, without much thought, ended up with the colors “RGB.” It also didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. I knew that I wanted to wear a cropped top over the maxi dress. The top is sheer, so it was perfect for the warm day. I don’t think I really own an actual crop top, so I knotted the shirt on the side to make it look cropped.

To bring in the structured look to a very casual outfit, I put on this false collar. I own three of these, and I’ve been wearing these almost every other day since I had them. From what I learned from my mom, false collars used to be worn a lot by men back in the day. The trend has since disappeared at least for men, but it’s very convenient to have these around now!



Cirque du Clique

rachel dahl rachel dahl rachel dahl

rachel dahl

Jacket: Vintage

Leotard shell: Ann Taylor

Dress: Ross?

Bag: Hermes

Boots: Capelta Couture

My hubby and I finally saw Cirque du Soleil (“Totem”) for the first time live in NYC where we had our fourth anniversary. See my Instagram photo with a purple-haired female Cirque performer here and Pippo Crotti’s comment.  It was a lot of fun spending almost a week in the city but also a lot of spending money! Ouch. Everything we did was well worth it though. Rob and I had been eating mostly organic since he got sick, and thankfully the city had oodles of exquisite places to eat. Our favorite however was Siggy’s Good Food, and we stopped by almost everyday of the week during our stay. The owner Siggy and the employees were super nice, and I almost cried when I had the almond protein smoothie.

Besides touristy activities, we also made our rounds to different shops including thrift stores (of course), and I found this old and beat up Hermes bag just laying in a bin! It’s incredibly filthy and has what looks like bleach stains on it, but I had to pick it up just so that I could say I found a Hermes bag for the first time in my thrifting history!

I decided to write a bit about our New York trip that we took about a year ago, because this outfit kind of looks like a circus ensemble. It’s mainly because of the stripes and the bubble sleeves on my jacket just like Rainbow Brite’s. I think these Clique boots‘ chains that I got from Capelta Couture also add to it. These are the same exact boots worn by a girl from Jersey Shore (not a fan of that show, to be honest). The chains are actually detachable, so you can choose to wear them without the chains for a more neutral look. You can transfer the chains to some other pair of boots as well *wink*.

I know I’ve been hosting a lot of giveaways, and apparently that’s a big no-no according to IFB. Oh honestly, I despite selling out. However, when I get a chance to give something back to you guys, I take it whenever I can. I only really give away things I generally approve of. That makes everyone happy :) Expect more freebies!

With that said, Capelta Couture has donated a pair of Clique boots to the winner of this random drawing!

The results of this giveaway are based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, April 14th at 12 am EST.

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