Stylingon, your personal shopper and wardrobe stylist.


Stylingon is your personal shopper or wardrobe stylist for the fashion novice or the busy bee who just needs an extra hand for that special event. Whenever people I personally know ask me advice on what to wear, my most common response is “dress however you want!” It’s not that I am just being apathetic or lazy. It’s in fact because I do care about people staying true to themselves.

However, that sort of response of “dress however you want” doesn’t quite float when I’m trying to be friendly, even though I mean it with love. :) Stylingon would be the place to ask professionals to be professional and thorough about their advice in creating, or even finding your very own personal style. They will be very helpful if you need the makeover that you require (as opposed to forced on you by a certain evil but hard not to watch TV show, *ahem*).

At this point, they are still in beta stage. You can request an invite here if you want to be part of the club or to just to stay in touch.

Giddyup, giddyup let’s go, Horseworship.

horseworship Just as I was wishing for an animal sweater for Christmas, Horseworship came to my attention. Check out this whole line of casual equestrian clothing. How cool, huh? I personally like their sweaters—my favorite being the black sweater with the floating horse ghost head and the angelic looking white horses on white from The Something Wild Collection. They also have sweet nothings written on the back of each (or most) of the shirts. If you order in the next 2 days, you also get 20% off by using coupon code “YES.”

I’ve definitely seen cheesy animal graphic tees, but what they have are really neat and quite elegant, I should say.

Love Life Swagger

Thank you Love Life Swagger for the neat Cleo t-shirt swag! I managed to fit in a men’s size medium just fine by tucking the shirt in my favorite pair of high-waisted jeans and a nice, thick, cozy shawl. I thought I’d rock the 90s grunge with a graphic shirt like this, with a bit of plaid here, “mom jeans” there, chipped red nail polish (not planned), and some a la Dr. Martens shoes. Speaking of, I need to take photos of the awesome shoes I am wearing, because I cannot for the life of me figure out who made them.

Don’t let the outfit fool you. It was FREEZING outside, and I forgot that I had a coat with me all along (which I had left at the house I visited). The coat didn’t quite match with what I was wearing, so I basically was a fashion fool by just totally abandoning the coat for the sake of style. I’ve been like this since I was a child. I’m sorry mother. The t-shirt is sort of see-through and light, so you may not want to wear this in the winter like I am. I have inside a tank top for extra layering and also to just cover up the obviously bright aqua I had on underneath :-/

P.S. The shirt may look “dirty” at first, because it does have that grunge-ness to it. Rob did point that out! Anyway, do check out what other stuff you might like to see at Love Life Swagger. I personally was curious about the panda sweatshirt myself.

So 2013 is just around the corner. There are just some things I am set to change about myself and this blog. First of all, I have decided to change the name of this blog from “à la Modest” to “à la Mode St.” so I can keep the domain name without having to live up to a certain “high” standard that I had set for myself to follow but proven to have failed time and time again. I will not abandon my beliefs, but I just cannot associate myself with a name I cannot live up to all the time and  subsequently affecting all others who associate with me. I am perfectly flawed, and I am nothing without what I believe in (which I have so been struggling with of late. 2012 has been really tough on me and Rob). More on that in another post, however…

Any out of the ordinary plans for New Year’s eve? What do you set to change about yourself?


Saphira Clothing

String Sleeve Pleather JacketCone Stud Earrings

Care to do some last minute online Christmas shopping? Here are two of my faves from Saphira Clothing, who is currently having a 20% off sale sitewide for the holidays (code: Extra20) and free shipping over $50. I personally like their jewelry selection the best.I love the cute bow jewel earrings and chunky bangles. The cone earrings above are a quite edgy and stunning too. The string sleeve pleather jacket is a cross between medieval and futuristic. I’ve always wanted a leather jacket with ridges or spikes on my arms and shoulders like King Koopa.

Merzost’s Kawaii Dresses


L-R:  – Daisy Ribbon DressJessica Work DressAngela Mesh DressVictoria Colorblock Dress Chelsea Crochet TopElise Babydoll Dress

Not too long ago I reviewed a “wholesale” handbag site. Today, I’m introducing you to an online clothing store called Merzost, my newest sponsor, that has wholesale prices (you can buy items individually) on cute Korean-type clothes and shoes. They have dresses as cute as ModCloth’s but with prices mostly under $30. Beat that. I think you can agree that everyone’s on a budget (especially this Christmas!).

Though some of these dresses may be a tad too short for some of the taller gals, you can always use these dresses like a tunic. I like to wear mine with leggings and just go nuts with the layering for winter styling.


Shoe Porn: Are you addicted?


L-R: Clarks Desert Boot in Union JackEric Michael KirstenFergie NickieFrye Carson Ballet

I’ve seen “shoe porn” used in titles of collages filled with beautiful shoes (made a few myself), and I’ve even seen people use it as a hash tag to share their love for shoes with other enthusiasts. At last, there is a web store that is called just that. By the looks of it, it might be a start up, but they’ve already got a good amount of eye candy up. Above are just a few of the pairs I was drooling over earlier today. All just gorgeous, aren’t they? I have yet to see this turn into a Pinterest shopping site of some sort purely for shoe lovers.

Perhaps it’s wrong to make fun of the actual addiction to porn, but I just can’t resist the idea of Shoe Porn. One of my friends’ moms asked me what my vice was. I looked at her funny and asked, “what do you mean?” She said, “you know, some women are into shoes, clothes, bags…” I told her I was mostly into shoes. She gave me a grin back and said, “I thought so.”

Are shoes YOUR #1 fashion vice?