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Why Wedding Bands are Important


Disclaimer: The following is a guest post and although have been approved by me, I do not necessarily agree with it 100%.

The wedding day is one of the most unforgettable moments in a person’s life. It is meaningful and quite significant. As a matter of fact, this day is not just important for the ones getting married, but also for close friends and family. It is a life changing situation that affects everybody involved. Since this event is very important, all details should be properly taken into consideration. From the flowers, the reception venue, and accessories such as wedding bands, everything should be best, if not perfect. Wedding bands are considered iconic symbols of marriage and should be chosen accordingly.

One of the most popular options being used nowadays are diamond wedding bands. The classic appeal of diamonds as well as its timeless feel, combined with the durable quality of diamonds is a good representation of love and marriage. However, the use of diamonds in wedding bands is not available for everybody. Of course, there are other options available. Aside from diamonds, there are other gemstones available that can adorn these bands. While women may love diamonds, other gemstones are more personalized and customized. For instance, you can select gemstones that can match the bride’s eye color or perhaps a cheaper, yet elegant gold or platinum band.

Nowadays, more couples are considering the use of matching wedding bands for their wedding day. For this option, the selection is varied. Most of the time, these bands are personalized according to the personalities of the couple. One advantage of choosing matching bands is that both of you can choose the style and design. Thus, it’s a good practice of working well together. After all, you will be spending the rest of your lives together. There are also inexpensive yet lovely looking bands, perfect for your wedding day.

There are a lot of wedding bands available nowadays. Aside from the style and design, it is very important to select a material that is versatile. It is also important to select one which is able to play any type of genre that applies to both young couples, as well as mature ones. In order to achieve the best design, you may do a little research. It may even need appropriate advance booking just to avoid disappointment. Still, at the end of the day, you do not want to be disappointed. Thus, to avoid such unlikely situation, it is very important to find a wedding band that suits your personal requirements.

Picky Pick of the Day: High-Waisted Swim Bottoms from Thailand

luvsunsketch copy Vintage styles are as popular in the West as well as in the East. Unfortunately, a lot of vintage styles for women now are associated with the pinup and burlesque looks. It’s ironic, because that kind of style was definitely in the minority then and not part of everyday fashion. In decades past, especially in the 40s, women were more conservative. It is a shame that we misrepresent and skew the wholesomeness of those decades. We confuse the younger generation and outside cultures by showing only one side of vintage. Thankfully, the Internet and books (and some period pieces on TV or film) are a good source on learning about what the majority of people really wore.

Some burlesque and pin up styles look more like swimsuits and lingerie and have become more and more acceptable and accessible in today’s fashions. As pin up styles become part of daily wear, beach wear has become even more liberal. I did stumble upon this one swimsuit company based in Thailand called LUVSUN that sold retro swimsuits that were surprisingly somewhat conservative. The idea of their swimsuits represent more what swimsuits used to look like in the West. None of the tops from that company look like they are push ups, but the BOTTOMS are really what I’m interested in!


I’m always on the lookout for high-waisted anything—skirts, pants, leggings, and swimsuit bottoms. Besides being conservative and true to vintage, I really like the aesthetic of high-waisted bottoms. I wish they had more patterns to pick from and more neutral and primary colors. I’m not really into (at least now I am not) fluorescent or neon colors so much! I put up mostly the swimsuits with patriotic colors, which is my bright color palette of choice.

What are other good sources of high-waisted retro swimsuits?

The Shoe that won’t quit

canvasshoeskimilsung Most, or at least a lot of the things that are commonly used, worn, or ingested in this modern day have a fascinating history and tale of how they came in to existence and thus survived the ordeal of time to remain a popular part of our human experience.

There’s a story, of an old Korean leader named Kim Il Sung and his shoes. It tells of a summer’s day in 1965 when Kim Il Sung, on an inspection of Changsong County in Korea, where he summoned the officials of the Sinuiju Footwear Factory to discuss the supply of shoes for the people.

After stressing the need to produce attractive and durable shoes in large quantities, he showed his own canvas shoes to the officials, saying, They are well made. Comfortable and durable, indeed,” “I bought them about five years ago, but I keep them because they have not worn out,” said the leader. The officials felt guilty of their lack of sense of economization. As they were working at a footwear factory, they would frequently change their shoes, slightly faded or worn out, for new ones. A factor now made an embarrassment.

Kim Il Sung was referred to as a great leader, and this great leader’s choice of foot wear were the ultimate canvas shoes. The rubber-soled, canvas-upper-halved shoes have been around as long as we can remember. They are said to have been developed as beachwear in the 1830s by the Liverpool Rubber Company and since, have been long journey through athletic shoes, school sports-wear and uniform shoes, gutties, pumps, dappers, beach shoes; in fact the plimsoll is the shoe that just keeps giving, the shoe that just won’t quit!

Today, George at ASDA provides a selection of these great canvas shoes. They can be found in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. With laces for a sturdier fit or the original slip-ons for the comfort you cannot compare to anything but the notion of slippers with the durability for the outdoors!

It is no wonder that Canvas Shoes are so popular, even with country’s leaders. They are comfortable, too easy to slip on and kick off, stylish, go with everything, and so durable and well made that they last forever. They even get cooler as they get more worn in; it really is the shoe that won’t quit and you’ll see them clinging on for dear life a few decades down the line with their owner shedding a little tear if they finally have to lay them to rest.

Superdry: American Cool

superdry For fashionistas that prefer to play it down, high-top trainers, vintage sunnies, retro jeans and hoodies are very much their port of call. Off-duty days require attire that showcases a lived-in style, full of casual yet cool ensembles.

Superdry is a great lifestyle brand that boasts a mixture of vintage Americana and retro graphics. You can visit their official site on

Designers will often promote various “haute-couture” styles on the catwalk. Yet despite this, there is always a time and a place for casual clothing. Every now and then we all like to switch the suits and glamour for worn-in denim, fur hoodies, khaki shorts and statement tees.

When opting for a preppy style, avoid clichés such as leggings and oversized sweatshirts. Such styles were created for the house and shouldn’t be worn when out and about. This doesn’t mean dressing up every time you leave for work or a lunch date and there are a number of smart-casual clothing choices to select from.

Colour-popping jeans are a great way to work the casual-cool look in style. Team a vivid pair of neon skinny jeans with wedged trainers, a statement t-shirt and a zip-hooded top – this is certainly one way to create an off-duty look with minimum effort. Such a style gets thumbs up for being in between casual and dressy.

A casual summer style for men can consist of a statement polo shirt, chino shorts and fashion trainers. The footwear you choose is as important as the rest of the outfit and each item of clothing should complement the other. Choosing trainers in colourful suede hues as opposed to sports trainers is one way to do this.

This season, polo shirts are proving to be a prevalent, off-duty clothing option for men. Instead of going for standard black, navy and white shades, invest in neon hues. A brightly coloured shirt will instantly update a tired wardrobe – just in time for summer.

In this day and age, business-casual dress is highly acceptable. For an off-duty office style, it’s important to remember a few rules. While a number of firms allow jeans, this doesn’t mean you can don scruffy, distressed trousers with a t-shirt hanging loose. However, a polo shirt tucked into smart jeans with dress shoes and a belt is definitely more suitable.

Stay Away From My Bees-Knees


What length of skirt or dress have you been wearing most often? I find myself at least wanting a lot of dresses below the knee more often than ever. Sure it’s a must for modesty, but I honestly think skirts and dresses below the knee look better, especially on a person with a pear-shaped/hourglass body like me and the majority of women after the 1920s body shape shift.


Flower Sucker Retro Summer

I decided to make a couple of collages for my retro summer floral inspiration! Often times clothing with floral designs tend to look too girly or cutesie, cheesy, and a bit annoying. These prints however give me a different feeling, which I am not ashamed to wear at all!


 1. SWIMSUITS I’m really glad that I can pretty much go anywhere to find one piece swimsuits with a retro flare. It used to be hard to find cute styles in a one piece that was not a monokini. Of course I prefer shopping actual vintage when I have the choice to, because the treasure you find is unique. Joules is a store you may or may not have heard of, but oh boy… their retro-style womens swimwear are to die for! I put up a few of my favorites on the collage above— Bluposy, Ditsy, and Navlor.

The models above are from vintage swimwear catalogs from Catalina. I think these swimsuits would’ve been enjoyed by women then as much as we do now, don’t you think?



Unbeknownst to me, I realized that a lot of my favorite past outfits on this blog involve floral designs.  I wouldn’t normally admit that, because as much as I don’t like girly things, I tend to dress up that way! So for the more non-girly girls who secretly like florals, here is more eye candy inspiration for floral dresses from Joules. I was inspired to make paper dolls as the theme of this collage, and I found these two Doris Day paper dolls online to top it all off! Isn’t she de-lovely (*ahem* Cole Porter)?