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Natural Beauty of Flowers & Fiber Lash Mascara (Lash Factory) Review

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I am ready for spring to come! Can’t you tell that I’m wearing my Liz Claiborne chambray top with a flower pattern and surrounding myself with roses from Bouqs? I actually got these on Valentine’s Day, so these photos are a month late!


Shoe Inserts with Heels (Shoe Lifts): How to Wear + Giveaway


Louis Vuitton sneakers above are for sale

While I was looking for comfy gel inserts a while back, I landed on these things called shoe lifts. They’re inserts with heels! Having these can transform your shoes into wedges, which is a really neat thought. Here are the different kinds you’ll see being sold and the type of shoe they’re best for.

The goal of shoe lifts are to add height and create a more slender look to your legs while keeping the heel a secret. You can only really wear them with flat shoes—sneakers, ballet flats, etc. Every flat shoe is different though, so it’s not a guarantee that shoe lifts will fit just any flat shoe. You’ll have to do some trial and error.

I’m giving the following kinds of shoe lifts their own names, but you may see them named as something else elsewhere. You’ll just have to remember what they look like. They can come in different colors, materials, and styles. Although shoe lifts come in one size, you need to keep in mind that the pairs are different for men and women.

These are the most common kinds:

1) Heel Only Stackable


These shoe lifts go from your heel to about a couple of inches into the center of your sole (Twilight Zone music cue). You should get these heel-only inserts with three stacks at most. There might be pairs out there with more, but you’ll have to be really lucky to manage stuffing them in your tennis shoes.

2) Whole Foot Stackable / Non-Stackable


These inserts look more like your regular pair of shoe inserts, because they cover your whole sole. They are different from your regular inserts, because they have detachable heels. You can cut the tips to fit your feet.

3) Sock Inserts – Heel Only,  Stackable / Non-Stackable


These guys come with somewhat rounder and smoother surfaces, so that they can be discreet inside your socks while being worn as is without your shoes on. I’ve worn these at house parties that required guests to remove their shoes with no problem. They don’t make a noise when you walk around. You can also wear these inside your shoes, because I personally think they are the most comfortable kind. The red pair I have above are more like sock inserts, because they are smoother and not too high. The more common sock insole looks like this.




So now that you know what these are, who wants to get a  FREE set of stackable inserts for men & women from Lift Height Insoles valued at $70+? Just follow the instructions below, making sure you do the two required methods of entry. I will be checking & deleting the entries that are not done, potentially disqualifying you from the contest. There will be multiple winners! Open to all. Contest ends 9/14.

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CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: Megan D, Slađana Sušilović, and Sarah Jackson!

Are Web (Fashion) Portals Still Around?

We don’t really go on web portals nowadays, do we? For the kids (I mean adults) who were born in the 90s, you probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about unless you’re an I.T. major or something (which I was but was born before the 90s). Before Google was used as a search engine, there was Yahoo as the top search engine provider, along with AOL and MSN (which my mom still uses). Although Yahoo did have a search engine (which was actually from Google… hah!), it was mostly an online portal with categories to different websites. These portals were hot in the 90s but died down during the dot com boom in the early 2000s.

Online portals that a lot of people think of now aren’t technically portals but are retailers or distributors of brands. For instance, Amazon is the giant online retailer for virtually any brand I can think of. In the online fashion retail arena, there is Net-a-Porter and Shopbop (which also happens to be under Amazon).


Because web portals are a thing of the past, I decided to see if there were any fashion web portals around.  So far and sadly, I found only two— Fashion Net and Layla’s Look. These two sites fall in the category of a vertical online portal, or a vortal. As opposed to the more boring horizontal kind, which lists companies of the same manufacturers, this type of portal targets specific niches or interests, which in this case is fashion. Fashion Net and Layla’s Look may not have the look and feel other well known but washed up web portals with directories and such, but they do have the same basic structure. They are online hubs that go to an outside website completely without forcing you to stay on their site.

It was nice when we didn’t have to always come up with the search words on our own to find a website that was interesting (Google) or to be forced to only recognize the heavily sponsored websites with their ads or presence popping up everywhere (Google ads, social media status, etc.). That’s just like payola, literally “bribing” to get you on top of the search listings. Web portals let me just browse my category of choice freely and discover the interesting underdogs of the WWW.

Although web portals may have died down because they aren’t really needed much now, I kind of miss it. Do you?


Shells Galore! Zee Bee Threads


How can you get enough of SHELLS? You live in these things everyday—you layer with these, sleep with these, workout with these…

Zeebee Threads has quite a good selection of comfortable and sleek shells with different lengths and styles for various seasons. They’ve got shells that are thermals, sheer rib, flowy, off the shoulder, short/long sleeved… you name it. They’ve got an impressive selection.

For someone who loves to layer, I don’t think I have enough shells at all. I somehow lose these things like socks. Some (un)lucky person out there I’m sure got a hold of a couple of my sweat(literally)shirts at my old gym.


Rainbow Pashmina Paisley Brite

iristy1 I got this Rainbow Pashmina Paisley scarf compliments of Iristy the other day and paired it with my new faux fur leg warmers (I am currently obsessed with Russian styles, so I’ve been looking for a lot of Instagram inspiration on that). My mother-in-law looked at me and said, “Aww, you look like an Eskimo!” Not too long ago Rob and I were watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Francis comes home with his new Eskimo wife to show his parents. Rob said I could play an Eskimo, and I wasn’t really sure how to take it. I do like snow and igloos and wolves as my ride, but that doesn’t mean a thing…

After looking at these photos, I immediately thought of a somewhat drab and toned down Rainbrow Brite. This scarf is better than how it looks on the website! It looks short on their storefront, but this reached down to just above my knees! I am 5’5″ (of course with these wedges on, I am about 5’8″), so you can see how wide and long this scarf actually is. I’ve been avoiding adding anything too bright to fit in my wardrobe’s new direction. I was afraid that this scarf might clash with that, but it really didn’t. This scarf is as sexy as Bollywood.

I forgot to take photos of the other side of this scarf. It wasn’t even mentioned on Iristy’s site that this is completely reversible. On the one side, it is rainbow. On the other, it is tan. It is equally magnificent. The texture of this is like velvet. I love it! This was the outfit I had on underneath. I like to wrap big scarves around me and fastening them down with a belt just like this.

iristy2 iristy3 iristy4