I Don’t “Prefer” White People: On Race Relations, Eugenics, and Natural Selection

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Believe it or not, I have actually gotten guff from a few individuals about my marriage being interracial, my friendships or company being non-Asian, and my choices of food and other pastimes not being Filipino. These individuals may think I am betraying my own race by not exclusively hanging with people who look like me, when in fact, they…

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Eye Spy Spy Clothing!


What better femme fatale to feature for spy clothing than Emma Peel from the 1960s TV show The Avengers! Contrary to what most people think about the good ole’ days though, there were a lot of risque and scandalous clothing before now. The Avengers was not at all what you’d call sexploitation, but it was…

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Woman of a Thousand Faces


Fifties actress Eleanor Parker, most known for her role in The Sound of Music as the baroness, was praised for her on-screen versatility and was rightfully dubbed “Woman of a Thousand Faces” by her biographer Doug McClelland. Look through the photos of her in each of these collages… amazing!

War on Women: What Would Women Do?


So Superstorm Sandy (newscasters should’ve just continued referring to it as “Frankenstorm!”) is almost over, and election campaigning will soon be back on track. (Not to gloss over Sandy—my thoughts and prayers go out to those who were in its path and were hurt or negatively affected by it.) How do you all feel about…

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Cindy’s Centerfolds


Cindy Sherman is an American photographer who is currently based in New York and whose most famous work involves conceptual photography. Besides her multiple-persona-style-type self portraits in all their glorious absurdness, I like her best for her centerfold photography. No, I haven’t gone out of my mind. Sherman is perhaps most noted for her Centerfold…

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Mothers of the Same Fate: Plath & Sexton


Well, I’ve disappeared again. It seems like I have been opening my posts with the same “apology” (almost as pathetic as Qwikster), but I’ve learned so much while I was away. I have been burying myself in tons of life-shaking literature that I couldn’t get away from, and I’m happy to share with you what…

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