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If Street Fighter Cammy Were a Bit More Feminine…

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Take a load at this yoga dork. I have just barely covered my love for yoga in this blog, so here are some goofy photos for proof. I have up a few leg stretching poses here that I kept to a minimum for obvious reasons! The fascinator is from Many Hats Millinery and both skirt and sneakers are from my go-to affordable department store of choice: Target.

I’ve been practicing yoga and Pilates at home for a couple of years now (via Youtube! Yahoo?), and my husband and I rejoined a gym mainly for their fitness classes and sauna. I’ve been going to my gym’s yoga class for about a month now (2x per week), and one of the instructors this week recommended that I audition and train to be an instructor! I was really happy to hear that and excited to take my love for yoga to the next level. However, I learned that I had to be certified in a dozen other things (okay, maybe like 3) to be an instructor. Yikes. I’m still thinking about it! Any Les Mills/Bodyflow/AFAA/ACE certified professionals out there willing to share their experience?

In case you didn’t know who Cammy White is, she is the British character in the retro video game Street Fighter. Despite her sharing exactly my height to the half inch measurement, she also obviously has blonde hair and blue eyes, a way better body, and red accents in her outfit. An approximation of Cammy in an everyday, more feminine outfit would probably look like this, which I happen to be wearing without thinking about the character.


I’ve seen her wear various colors for her leotard and boots. I think these earthy knee high leather boots below from Gipsy Dharma would work well for a variation to Cammy’s look. I want a pair of these, perhaps with some platform? :) However, I don’t think you could climb trees and kick butt with platforms or heels, like they make it seem like in the movies.




A Milliner of Many Hats

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I had a very long relationship with berets, but I’ve stopped wearing them since moving on from the girly 60s Parisienne obsession. I still very much like the structured uniform look, so I picked two hats from Many Hats Millinery that embodied that. I found a nice military-looking green tiny beret hat that was actually a fascinator, which I am wearing in the first two photos. A lot of times we think of crazy feathers, fishnets, and elaborate designs on these “mini hats” called fascinators. I found a nice selection of tamer designs on Many Hats that I think a lot of you will like.

The second hat was actually from a mixup, becauase I really wanted the last hat in the below collage! It would’ve fit in with the structured look I was hoping for while still being feminine, but I did easily fall in love with the hat that was sent to me instead. I think both of these would fit just fine with a lot of  casual outfits, without going overboard or too retro (which I really don’t have a problem with)!


Do you own a fascinator or would like to own more of one? Many  Hats Millinery would like to give away any of their handmade hats valued up to $50 from their Etsy store! This giveaway is based on random drawing. Remember, the more entries you have, the more chances of winning. Good luck! Open to all (US and international) and will end on Sunday, May 19th at 12 am EST.

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