Hamsa: The Hand of Happiness


michalgolan-alamodestb I haven’t done a black and white photo series in a long time, and I know I should do it more often if I really do believe that 90s Guess ads are what I worshiped growing up! I’m currently wearing my favorite dress with Cathedral-like stained glass pattern paired with lovely jewelry designed by Michal Golan. Pardon my hair here! It is in its “no poo” glory!

Michal Golan has really beautiful jewelry. What I like best about it is its themes and the intricacy involved in every piece. She’s made several designs of the Hamsa, the evil eye, the cross, the Star of David, and other Jewish symbols to name a few. Born in Israel, Michal preserves history and culture through the symbols incorporated within her jewelry, and this is what makes every piece worth more than mass produced adornments dabbling in similar themes.

My necklace has a large Hamsa pendant covered with Swarovski crystals and glass. You may know that this symbol represents good luck, happiness, or protection, but what you may not know is that just like the Swastika, this symbol appears in so many different religions and cultures—including the big three: Islam, Christianity, Judaism. The Hamsa in Islam is called Hand of Fatima. In Christianity, it is called Hand of Mary. In Judaism, it is known as the Hand of Fatima. Whatever the original source, the meaning is usually the same and is associated with goodness. The evil eye on the other hand is its opposite, and the Hamsa protects against it.


Though I haven’t worn much jewelry lately due to avoiding metals to encourage free flowing energy between the earth and myself, I do enjoy the occasional adornments from beautiful pieces like Michal’s!

Do you have a favorite symbol(s)? What does it represent?


michalgolan-alamodest6 michalgolan-alamodest2 michalgolan-alamodest5 michalgolan-alamodest3 michalgolan-alamodest7

To add a little bit of color to these photo series, below are shameless selfies wearing Michal Golan on two different occasions ;-) As you can see, I wear my bangs like curtains on my forehead whenever I feel like it!

Wearing: Michal Golan Hamsa necklace & Michal Golan earrings from the Sky Collection


If Sleeping Beauty Wore Turquoise


Sleeping Beauty wearing turquoise? Yes! There is a type of stone called “Sleeping Beauty Turquoise,” and I thought I’d liven this post up with an image of Aurora with turquoise jewelry as I talk about the stones!  Princess Aurora’s gown is actually turquoise in color, but my favorite outfit of hers (and there must’ve been three total not including her baby outfit) is actually this modest beige and black “French maid” dress with a black headband. I fell in love with this look so much that I tried to dress like her when I was a little girl—up until today!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the most popular kind of turquoise found only in one place—the Sleeping Beauty mine near Globe, Arizona. The mine got its name because of its shape resembling a sleeping woman. See the photo below!


I actually am sort of interested in seeing Maleficent in the theater, because Sleeping Beauty was my second favorite Disney princess story next to Aladdin. It’s coming out on my birthday, May 30 ;-) The first time I saw the trailer, I knew whose shadow it was immediately just by seeing those curvy horns on that woman’s head! I was referring to the villain, not Angelina Jolie! I gave myself a pat on the back.

turquoisenecklaces Star of David  turquoise necklaceCross turquoise necklaceDrop turquoise necklace

Do you remember what year it was when turquoise was the “hottest” stone out there? I know there always seems to be SOMETHING every year, but if I remember it right that was when I was in high school, and I really wanted a lot of turquoise jewelry! The color is truly maleficent… I mean, magnificent! Have you heard about Sleeping Beauty turquoise before?

Handy Dandy Ring Size Converter


Above: Vintage 1927  article

I am so glad that there are online calculators for useful conversions, don’t you? Google has a built in converter for units, for example. So for a recipe you want to know, “how many ounces are there in 5 cups.” Their converter app will show up on the very top of the page before all of the search listings. I’m also quite happy about accurate bra size calculators I find online! I don’t mind going to stores to get fitted at all, but for those who are shy, a calculator will do just fine.


You know what else is out there? A ring size converter! This might be especially useful for those who are getting ready to be married or if you’re already married, just  a quick way to have your ring readjusted without having to walk in a store.

Below you’ll find a calculator to convert your true ring size. Clicking the image below will go directly to the download of the no-install application made by Jewelry Kind (I love standalone files). It is the same company that sells the gorgeous rings posted above. They pride themselves in inexpensive sterling silver jewelry that anyone can afford, and I do think their prices are not bad at all! This may be the perfect place to get a post-Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone—including your mom and yourself!

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Do you know what your ring size is?

Black Onyx: The Gem in Your Jewelry that Absorbs All Energy


Black onyx Vastu PyramidHeidi Daus “Chinois Mystique” Black Onyx RingDarcusTori Round Black Onyx Earrings

Are you tired of reading about how this type of crystal and that type of crystal is supposed to make you feel this and that, without giving a scientific explanation that makes sense to you? You’ve come to the right article.

Crystals, gemstones, and jewelry have been talked about extensively from a fashion perspective but little is known about their transcendental properties of healing. These precious stones might not be the cure for cancer (or are they?), but they can and do so much as affect moods for sure—whether psychosomatic or not. Like certain colors, pictures, personalities, or places make you feel different things, crystals just like everything else emit energy. You don’t have to ask a shaman to confirm this. You can ask your science teacher.


There are two types of energy healing—Veritable and Putative. Energy used to treat illnesses that is verifiable is called Veritable Energy Medicine. That includes light therapy and radiation therapy, which you’ve probably seen in your hospital’s pamphlet. The Putative kind is where gemstone or crystal healing belongs to.

The point of any type of energy healing is to restore the balance of your own body’s energy to normal by introducing other energy. When someone is sick, their energy field is imbalanced.


More common to our knowledge is color. Colors come from the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, or light. We perceive colors when the light receptors in our eyes interact with the part of the spectrum that is visible to us. Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Our eyes are limited, because what we see (colors) compose only a very small portion of the whole spectrum. This fact alone supports my belief in energy healing, the spirit world, and ultimately a God.

It’s foolish to be an atheist and discount belief in angels, God, demons, and even aliens when there is a whole universe that’s unexplored. To me, being an atheist means you declare you know everything. It’s better to be an agnostic and be open to the possibilities. To be smart is to admit you don’t know everything.


Going back to colors. Black, as you’ve probably learned in kindergarten, is what you get when you mix all your crayons’ colors together. Black absorbs all the light in the spectrum, and none of it gets reflected back to you. So the gemstone black onyx technically then is the gem in your jewelry that absorbs all energy.  The things that cause you to be stressed out and sick, with this theory, should all be taken away by close proximity to the black onyx. This should restore your body to normality.

The next time somebody says all this is just in your brain, tell them that everything we perceive comes from our brain.


Something for you. Here are a pair of round black onyx stud earrings by DarcusTori that I like. They are simple, small (6mm) and authentic, so you get the benefit of the black onyx from everyday usage. I don’t usually wear earrings, but these would be dynamite as a gift. If you are a customer of theirs, you can use the promo code “0704” to get these free (up to three pairs!). The promo is good through Halloween, October 31.