She’s Making Jewelry Now

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I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my last “real” update! First of all, I just graduated from being a certified hatha yoga instructor! Not that certification actually means anything, especially if you are aware of even a shred of what yoga really entails. It’s like saying I’m a certified wife or a…

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Hamsa: The Hand of Happiness


  I haven’t done a black and white photo series in a long time, and I know I should do it more often if I really do believe that 90s Guess ads are what I worshiped growing up! I’m currently wearing my favorite dress with Cathedral-like stained glass pattern paired with lovely jewelry designed by…

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If Sleeping Beauty Wore Turquoise


Sleeping Beauty wearing turquoise? Yes! There is a type of stone called “Sleeping Beauty Turquoise,” and I thought I’d liven this post up with an image of Aurora with turquoise jewelry as I talk about the stones!  Princess Aurora’s gown is actually turquoise in color, but my favorite outfit of hers (and there must’ve been…

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Black Onyx: The Gem in Your Jewelry that Absorbs All Energy


Black onyx Vastu Pyramid – Heidi Daus “Chinois Mystique” Black Onyx Ring – DarcusTori Round Black Onyx Earrings Are you tired of reading about how this type of crystal and that type of crystal is supposed to make you feel this and that, without giving a scientific explanation that makes sense to you? You’ve come…

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Travel back to Rococo in Vivienne Westwood’s “Time Machine”


“Time Machine” is Vivienne Westwood’s elegant collection of watches, and the fiery haired woman has caught my attention once again with her Rococo watches. The black, royal blue, and dirty white pictured above are my favorites, each of which accented by ruby red. One of these watches would’ve been perfect to wear with my Rococo…

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