I’d Be in Dreams Too

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Shirt- Liz Claiborne

Skirt- Vintage


If I was born to look like Winnie Cooper,

I wouldn’t have to put on makeup either.

I wouldn’t have to know so much about music, people, and pop culture.

I’d just have to be pretty

and let the world look at me.

Then I’d be in dreams too.


Westwood’s Anglomania and Other National Symbols in Fashion?

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I must’ve been out of my mind being out bare legged. It was nice and toasty indoors and quickly realized right after stepping outside that we are more than a month away from spring. Well you know, fashion shows always come out with their spring collections a season early or more, right? I put on some microfiber tights right after these pictures and went on with my day. This outfit looked better with tights on. Frankly, anything is better than my pasty white legs right now.

I have on an Anglomania denim jacket by one of my favorites, Vivienne Westwood. Westwood’s belief is that fashion is sort of like a marriage of ideas between the French and the English. Anglomania, therefore is a good name to use for this line of clothing. However, the name quite literally means an obsession with all things English. The Union Jack is probably one of the best looking flags, and I see it being worn as a fashion statement by people of different nationalities. I must admit I still have my awesome old black off the shoulder cropped tee with the Union Jack and the words “ROUK” all in silver. I stopped wearing it because I just don’t wear cropped tees like I used to and also because I felt weird wearing it. It wasn’t like I was English or had ever gone to England. I also notice the a lot of other national symbols in fashion–the American flag, the Japanese flag, and the Eiffel Tower  most commonly. For those people who associate with these nations being represented and even for those who don’t, how does this make you feel—odd, ticked off, proud, silly?

I myself represent a couple of cultures, but I can’t help but be somewhat ashamed showing my devotions to them, enough to wear their symbols around. I am proud of my cultural backgrounds, but I am also disappointed with them in some ways. I would hate to walk about parading a national symbol that is both of prosperity and oppression and get lost in a political discussion somewhere along the line.

 Jacket: Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

Bag: Prada

Shoes: Sam Edelman