Nailin’ It (Awesome Spring Nail Art Ideas)

  You know what’s kind of cool? When you get fascinated by something you don’t usually get fascinated with. It must be that cool. Perhaps it’s some geeky gadget or a video game if you’re a girly girl or amazing looking pumps if you’re somewhat of a tomboy. For me right now, it’s nails.

Winter Wearable Art Deco: Historical Art on Your Sleeves


If you haven’t read my previous post on Erté, a famous Art Deco artist and fashion designer, feel free to poke around! Art Deco is a style of art originally from France from after World War I in the 1920s up until before the outbreak of the second World War in the 1940s. If you…

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Patricia Smith’s Moon Bags


I used to be the proud owner of these two Patricia Smith Moon Bags pictured above until I decided to sadly part with them last year. I do still have an original Patricia Smith belt buckle (pictured below), made from the same material the bag flaps were made of (acrylic). It is one of a…

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Art Nouveau


I love this formal attire Navy hat! I’ve worn it twice in one week. It even has the female officer’s name written underneath, a plus for nerdy daydreamers like me playing make believe sailor. This hat just makes everything so much more fun, especially when the rest of my outfit is nothing special. I’ve even…

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