Marijuana Sunday (Note: Humor not Heresy)

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This post is intended to be lighthearted and not at all meant to encourage debauchery. Let’s clear this up first and foremost—I’ve never done marijuana.

I would like to share an unfortunate but funny story that occurred many, many years ago. When I was in high school, I used to be in charge of our church’s PowerPoint and video presentations. I dressed up backgrounds and photos on the slides to match the sermon for the day. It was Palm Sunday, and naturally, I wanted the background to have palm leaves. Off to Google image search I went (past midnight I’m sure) to find the perfect background. At the time, I did not care so much about copyright laws. I was a kid, and I was reckless.

Sunday morning came, our pastor’s sermon began, and my slides were live to an audience of about two hundred. Many were there just as visitors, being that it was Palm Sunday. A few minutes after the sermon started, one of the other pastors snuck up next to me in the dark pit where I was listening for cues for the next bullet point. I was usually alone down there, with the exception of some days when my older brother would help out. He would leave me alone down there whenever his girlfriend visited him at church. That day, his girlfriend was there. I was alone that Sunday morning, and needless to say, I was surprised by the company. So the other pastor whispered to me and said, “Rachel, your PowerPoint background has marijuana.”

I froze like Windows 98.

Didn’t I say I was a kid and reckless? I was also innocent. I was even trying to make excuses by saying, “Well, I thought it was actually a Canadian maple leaf.” For sure, I was living in the land of maple leaf.

I’m not here to talk about whether or not weed is good or bad for you. That is a topic I’d probably discuss on our other blog, Modern Life Survivalist! I do know that since extensive studies have come out on it, many intelligent and even religious people I’ve talked to either believe that’s it’s not that bad for you or have used it medicinally. I personally have met enough people who have been affected negatively by it that I don’t think it is good to use recreationally. Either way, I’d like to hear your experience or thoughts on it!



I’ve been very much into neutrals lately. Today, I was wearing browns and blacks, earthy but classy. The top is from SammyDress, the leopard print pencil skirt is from Forever 21, and the fur bomber jacket I am currently living in is thrifed. I’m also wearing dainty silver jewelry sent to me by BikiniLuxe. They have lots of beachy and hippie designs for a very affordable price. They have a Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale for 30% off with coupon “DISCOUNT30)!







Kigurumi: To wear or not to wear a stuffed toy…


We all know Japanese trends can be a bit too much for the rest of the world to comprehend let alone like, but that is exactly why a lot of us are drawn to them! There are these things called Kigurumi, Kigu for short, which is a Japanese word which roughly means “to wear a stuffed toy.” They are basically character onesies, usually an animal, for adults.

I’ve seen plenty of these worn as Halloween costumes for kids and even for animals. I’ve also seen Hello Kitty Beanie Babies at Hallmark wearing a bunny onesie, which is frankly rather bizarre and even MORBID. So, Kigus shouldn’t be that weird to the Western world, right?


Not until you see people wearing them on the streets on a regular day! That’s right, these are “streetworn.”

Take a look at some photos:

Source: Unknown

Source: Christine J Wilson

Source: We are Cartoon

Source: Cambosh

Below you’ll find a few products from English kigu retailer Kigurumi Onesies. A lot of these retailers I’ve noticed are actually from the UK. I don’t hear much about kigus around Northern America. If you are from the UK, have you heard of these costumes turned streetwear called kigus? Would you wear them?


Top to bottom, left to right: Blue HippoFrogBlue Unicorn



Giddyup, giddyup let’s go, Horseworship.

horseworship Just as I was wishing for an animal sweater for Christmas, Horseworship came to my attention. Check out this whole line of casual equestrian clothing. How cool, huh? I personally like their sweaters—my favorite being the black sweater with the floating horse ghost head and the angelic looking white horses on white from The Something Wild Collection. They also have sweet nothings written on the back of each (or most) of the shirts. If you order in the next 2 days, you also get 20% off by using coupon code “YES.”

I’ve definitely seen cheesy animal graphic tees, but what they have are really neat and quite elegant, I should say.