Shoe Inserts with Heels (Shoe Lifts): How to Wear + Giveaway


Louis Vuitton sneakers above are for sale While I was looking for comfy gel inserts a while back, I landed on these things called shoe lifts. They’re inserts with heels! Having these can transform your shoes into wedges, which is a really neat thought. Here are the different kinds you’ll see being sold and the…

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Travel back to Rococo in Vivienne Westwood’s “Time Machine”


“Time Machine” is Vivienne Westwood’s elegant collection of watches, and the fiery haired woman has caught my attention once again with her Rococo watches. The black, royal blue, and dirty white pictured above are my favorites, each of which accented by ruby red. One of these watches would’ve been perfect to wear with my Rococo…

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Designed by Mermaids Giveaway


This little corner on the web called Designed by Mermaids is having me host a quaint giveaway for these precious beaded seashell bracelets. There will be 10 winners, and each of you will get to pick what color you’d like to win of these. The chances will be great, because I have never had that…

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Saphira Clothing


String Sleeve Pleather Jacket – Cone Stud Earrings Care to do some last minute online Christmas shopping? Here are two of my faves from Saphira Clothing, who is currently having a 20% off sale sitewide for the holidays (code: Extra20) and free shipping over $50. I personally like their jewelry selection the best.I love the…

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Adi Bakshi Buttoned Scarf Tutorial & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Right after reviewing some beautiful light scarves to wear all year round, here are trendy scarves that you can wear for this winter. Let me introduce you to Adi Bakshi scarves on a fashion site Coolil. I know a lot of the more crafty girls like to make these on their own, but for relatively…

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