Emilio Pucci: Kaleidoscope Patterns & 60s Sci-Fi Stewardess Uniforms and Bubble Helmets


In recent pop culture, the tribal-hippie look seems to have been overtaken by boring and limited combinations—common patterns like paisley and damask, pastel colors that make tribal look cute instead of fierce, and the hippie style look bland instead of bizarre. There are so many other patterns that can be played around with and so…

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Brunette Beauty: The High Cheekbones of Your Highness Suzanne Lloyd


Law of the Plainsman (1962) Twilight Zone as Maya the Cat Girl (1959) Twilight Zone – Ms. Thomas (1959) Bat Masterson –  Season 2 Ep 24 “Three Bullets for Bat” as Linda (1960) Bat Masterson –  Season 2 Ep 24 “Three Bullets for Bat” as Linda (1960) The Saint (1962-1969) The Saint (1962-1969) I first…

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The Lines Are Rebelling


Dress: eShakti (direct link here) Belt: Hermes & Express (layered) Necklace: Vintage Loafers: Debenhams It’s hurricane season right now, and here I am posting some overly due photos from bright and sunny yesterdays! I got this 40s style dress with a “princess cut” from eShakti whom I discovered had a personalized tailoring service. Not only…

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French Maid Slacker

rachel dahl

Dress: “Frenchie Dress” by Lauren Gabrielson Bag: Vintage,  “Miss America” by Smartaire Shoes: Oasap What it would’ve been. The top I am wearing is actually a dress made by Lauren Gabrielson, a couturier from New York. I decided that I was going to dress it down a little and wear it daringly casual. About a…

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Ooh Mama, it’s Michelle Phillips of the The Mamas & The Papas!


The vintage clothing inspiration for today is the gorgeous Michelle Phillips of the 60s pop band The Mamas and The Papas. Michelle’s style back in her day had a good mix of textures—mostly tribal/hippie (trippy?)/ psychedelic. She wore a lot of maxi skirts and flowy free-spirited tops.