Synth is Not Just a Fiber

I’m going to go a little bit off topic! I’ve decided to include a lot of things that influence me. After all, this is a personal style blog, eh? My choice of music and movies is just as important to me as my choice of clothes.

So, I just realized that most of my favorite music discoveries from the past month are of artists that use synthesizers. I still have guitar bands on the top of my list, but I really can’t help noticing a well-placed synth.

Isao Tomita– Japanese electronic composer from the late 60’s to the early 80’s. You will get to hear his beautiful version of “Claire de Lune” in the video below. He also did the soundtrack for Kimba! You know, the White Lion…?

Snoozer– I discovered Susie Ghahremani from Anthology Magazine’s Print is Not Dead short sketch. She is my latest find and the most current of all the artists on the list. Check out the two EPs on her website.

Martin Dupont– A French new wave band authentically from the 80’s. I can only find this one album on Amazon and iTunes. If you can figure out where to find the other albums and let me know, that would be great! Listening to them gives me goose bumps. Amazing sounds!

Also, I just entered the H&M blog competition. If you like à la Modest, vote by clicking on the banner below and following the instructions on the page it takes you to. If you have your own fashion blog and would like me to return the favor of voting on mine, feel free to drop me a line! I don’t care much for competitions anyway. I’m just happy to get enough support from my readers, and the more you grow, the happier it makes me! I guess I find that joining these things allows for more people to find out about this little place on the internet without my needing to be too aggressive or obsessed about winning. We’re all out here for each other, right?

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