Summer Shopping (Plus–Boutique Coming Soon!)

Last night, I had a rare but delightfully pleasant chat with my sister-in-law who lives in the Philippines. We’re trying to have phone dates more often, but it’s especially hard when we live in different countries. We satisfied each other’s “couture-osities” with exchanges of style preferences from each other’s side of the globe. I introduced her to a whole world of modest fashion—particularly vintage and indie clothing from retailers like ModCloth, publications like Eliza Magazine, and various Facebook-like social style communities.

Once in a blue moon, my parents go out of the country for leisure (and almost always some business as well). Whenever they do, my sis-in-law is always ready to do some shopping errands for me. I love her! I can never go wrong with her picks, in spite of our different styles—she is more into the bohemian look. I can certainly trust her judgment provided that I send photos of items I like as a guide!

1. Gladiator wedges– I haven’t really found any good deals on gladiator wedges ever since I started drooling over them a few months ago. I found lots of gladiator flat sandals, which aren’t really what I’ve been looking for. As you can see, I threw some other cool-looking wedges into the mix. My sister-in-law said that gladiator wedges were expensive for her too, but she definitely wanted to scout a pair for herself when she saw these babies!

2. Cuffs/Bangles and Necklaces– I described and sent these photos to her of some examples of the type of jewelry I wear. I like bold, classy, Victorian-style pieces. She quickly responded that accessories were everywhere at bazaars and asked if I wanted rings to match. I told her that I had stopped being too crazy for fashion rings ever since receiving my engagement ring and wedding ring. I want the symbol of my covenant to be most prominent when someone sees my hand!

3. Brooches– The style of brooch I like is just the same as the type of jewelry I wear, shown in the pic above. Besides on my clothes, I especially like to pin brooches on my hats.

4. Scarves– Silk and satin scarves are a staple of my closet. I am in love with the Parisian look of having the scarf twisted to the side of the neck and laced on the head in a way much cooler than your grandma’s style!

5. Belts– I am lacking belts with big buckles, so I had these on my shopping list as well. I can pick up a cheap belt at the thrift store with a shy-looking buckle any day! Belts are great to wear with bigger-sized vintage clothes.

6. Tiered Skirts– I like knee-length or longer skirts, so it’s probably hard to find tiered skirts that live up to that length since most of them “fall short” on the “high” standard! So, I guess I gave my sis-in-law a challenge in addition to the detailed list! However, I made it easier for her by not including other types of clothing. I think I’ve got the rest of my à la Modest clothing covered right here in the U.S.!

Speaking of à la Modest clothing, I am opening a boutique accessible online in the Fall! I am very happy to share with you the same style of clothes I wear. It will be a mix of vintage and indie pieces modified by yours truly to fit the modern but modest clothing lifestyle. I think I’ll finally pick up that sewing machine my mother-in-law offered me. The last time I used a sewing machine, it wasn’t digital! You can’t get anymore authentically vintage than that! The clothes will come with tips and photos to help you style them, so you know exactly how I would wear them. More on this soon!

Also, I want to thank Lauren of Least in the Kingdom for featuring me! You might also want to check out her darling blog.

21 thoughts on “Summer Shopping (Plus–Boutique Coming Soon!)

  1. Rachel,
    We have EXACTUALLY the same style. I love it!
    Unfortunatly, in this area it’s hard to find others who like the vintage look. I just recently really came into my own and realized my ideas aren’t always the same as my friends, but that’s ok!
    I am just recently getting really ‘in to’ fashion and enjoying putting outfits together!
    Your blog has been so helpful & inspirational to me! Thank You!
    I am so excited for you to be opening up an online boutique! I can’t wait!
    If you are interested in someone to help with sewing or searching & buying at thrift shops ect. Just email me! I always find really cute stuff but it’s usually not my size! :(

  2. I love all your wedges and cuffs!!! Hmm…if I had to pick just one I’d go with that wooden wedge in the 2nd row with the cut-out heel and the first cuff bracelet with the pink and purple jewels. I know what you mean about the rings! I started wearing them in college, but after I got engaged/married, those were the only rings I wore. I just recently bought a statement ring, and wear it on my right hand (although it’s taking some getting used to!).

  3. hi rachel! i’m sorry i didn’t get back to you as soon as i could about the stores where they could buy shoes here in PI…ummmm, i’m not really too sure if there are any good gladiator wedges here…i mostly do my shopping in CMG, Celine, Janilyn or So Fab. They can certainly find lots of colorful scarves and accessories here…And about the bohemian look…I don’t really know if it’s still “in” here…Not much into trends..I just love how bohemian is a lot more laid back..i love the romantic and free feel it gives me.

    ? vanilla ice cream ?

  4. wheww,yeeey! I can’t wait for your store !I’m always excited about them.I don’t know if you’ll be shipping to Europe.Shey also has a store but there are problems with the payent.I don’t have a credit card or anything but whatever!
    I will just ‘window shop’ in your store (;
    I love the red skirt and bow tie-belts!

  5. i love scarves too and those brooches are just awesome. can’t wait to see your shop :)

  6. I´ve been looking for a wondeful pair of wedeges for ages now but they´re still elusive to me, moreso that I have small feet. In the Phils, you can find anything gorgeous and not so pricey especially shoes and bangles. Oh how I missed shopping for my shoes and costume jewelry there!

    I can´t wait to see your pasalaubong, Rach and good luck on your new store. I´m sure they´ll all be all eye candy! ;)

  7. That’s wonderful news about the boutique!!!!! I’m so excited to hear about that! May the Lord use you to help shine a light to others through your boutique!!

    I have read old magazines of eliza magazine but I wish I knew where to buy them. It would be awesome.

    I am with you on knee length or longer skirts. I sometimes get catalogs in the mail and I will look through them and see massive mini-skirts and it makes me sad!! :( And sadder when I see people walking around in them!! ahhh! I don’t know how they do it!

    That must be really hard to have family that you can’t see too often live in a completely different country!! I did have family (who were missionaries – until his kidnapping/martyrdom) that lived in Colombia, SA for a while and that was not easy either.

    Where did you get that cool box that you keep talking about that filters movies? that’s really awesome. I think the one thing that is good for me to not have one is that I easily will skip scenes or fast forward and I can tell others what to watch out for or tell them to not see it. . does that sound odd? I guess in some of my reviews I try to say what bothers me so that maybe it will be a bit of a wake-up call for people who really don’t even see something as wrong. They start to think on it and wonder if it really is wrong or not. I know that I have to be careful to not walk across hot coals though.

  8. I love that you’re going to open a boutique, Rachel! I really appreciate and respect the message that you’re trying to spread :)

    More power to you! And I also love Modcloth. Hee! If only it was cheaper to ship here…

  9. I agree with the knee-length or longer on skirts & I have to say thank you for spreading the ‘modest’ & ‘modesty doesn’t have to be frumpy’ message.

    Myself, I love –
    #1 clip-on earrings – they’re so neat & when you can find the old ones that don’t hurt they’re really cool!
    #2 I’m a scarf person – or at least am becoming one!
    #3 Big necklaces – i.e. long ones that you can drape around your neck at least twice!
    #4 funky cool flats, my current fave pair is blue, black & ivory leopard print from ‘Predictions’. (My job requires me to be on my feet 7-10 hours a day, so on my off time I prefer flats.)
    #5 Vests! They’re so versatile & fun! If I could I’d have one in every color of the rainbow!

  10. oh my goodness!! i can’t believe you are opening up an online boutique rachel! that is such FABULOUS news!! i will definitely be shopping at it b/c i LOVE your style! my cynthia vincent gladiator sandals which u have posted are one of my fave shoes i own!!

  11. Ooh! Let us know if you if you do end up finding a tiered skirt that suits your standards- I have the same guideline for length (my knees) and, it is impossible to find anything that comes close! (It’s not like I’m super tall either – just an average girl of 5’5″!) I love the shoes, but most of ’em are a tad too high for my personal taste. Wishes for the best as you go clothes searching! :)

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