A Sucker for Socks

Below are just a few examples of my past outfits proving how I’m a sucker for socks, leg warmers, and tights. Fall is fast approaching, and I just CAN’T WAIT to sport some new looks with my favorite fall accessory. Sadly, I’ve been so “practical” with my clothing this year (being a fitness instructor-hippie) that I’ve barely worn layers or accessories. I am barefoot almost every single day, I kid you not!  How I miss just putting together fun and offbeat outfits for the sake of artsy pursuits! <3 P.S. Clicking on each photo takes you to the original post.


Did you know that if you wanted to get pairs of unique (and inexpensive) hosiery that you probably won’t see anyone wear but still look cool, you could always check out the Halloween or costume aisle? I’m not just talking about your fishnets or hot pink leggings. Check the socks out below for some ideas. They are meant to be worn with Halloween costumes for women (egghhh), but with a bit of creative effort, you could incorporate these into your decent everyday leg wear.



Source: costume hosiery

If you’re not feeling to adventurous, there are solid colored knee high socks you can buy. I love my red, white, yellow, and black knee highs the most. I find that thigh highs on the other hand does not suit my bottom heavy figure and would require very short skirts. Also, that gap of skin in between the sock and your leg could make you look so much shorter than you are. My go to is either full leg wear, bobby socks, or knee highs. Check out below for some fall/winter high fashion runway looks from the recent past with conservative or modest knee highs:


Do you like to wear socks? How do you like wearing them?




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    Lovely outfits! Love the first one – the scarf is gorgeous! Those boots are killer too. I want them-lol.
    Sadly here in Florida we don’t get the chance to wear those beautiful fall/winter coats, boots, and other items. I do like wearing sweaters though – but don’t really wear them till November- they are great to wear for outerwear here. Last year was brutal though for Florida weather wise and actually wore my knee high boots a couple times. I hope that happens again (even though I hate the cold) so I can wear more winter clothing! haha :)

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      Heidi! Thank you! I totally understand wanting the cold weather to come JUST so that you can wear knee high boots! The boots on the first photo are actually booties, and the fuzzy part are legwarmers. You can pair them with boots to make them look like knee highs. :)

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      Hi Blaze Ann! Thank you!!! :) I get my clothing all over the place, but I mostly buy from either eBay or thrift stores. Oh, yes ;-) No need to spend a ton on clothes when you can find TREASURES from another person’s trash… without looking trashy. lol.

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