Stylingon, your personal shopper and wardrobe stylist.


Stylingon is your personal shopper or wardrobe stylist for the fashion novice or the busy bee who just needs an extra hand for that special event. Whenever people I personally know ask me advice on what to wear, my most common response is “dress however you want!” It’s not that I am just being apathetic or lazy. It’s in fact because I do care about people staying true to themselves.

However, that sort of response of “dress however you want” doesn’t quite float when I’m trying to be friendly, even though I mean it with love. :) Stylingon would be the place to ask professionals to be professional and thorough about their advice in creating, or even finding your very own personal style. They will be very helpful if you need the makeover that you require (as opposed to forced on you by a certain evil but hard not to watch TV show, *ahem*).

At this point, they are still in beta stage. You can request an invite here if you want to be part of the club or to just to stay in touch.

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