Aussie Fashion Retailer Gives $20K To a KNOCKOFF in a “Best Dressed” Contest

stephaniemartinalibabaknockoffIt goes without saying: if you compete in a fashion contest for $20,000 prize, you shouldn’t be wearing a Chinese knockoff.

But Stephanie Martin from the state of Queensland in Australia did just that: she bought her dress online for $60 and walked away with over $20,000 in prizes in the “Best Dressed” competition by the Australian fashion chain Myer on Saturday 11 January 2014.


The brightly colored knockoff Alberta Ferretti dress from Spring 2014 collection (not available in stores as yet) that won Ms. Martin the accolades is currently being sold on Aliexpress for $69.

The Brisbane resident’s copycat dress beat over 100 entries by other competitors, many of whom spent thousands on their outfits.

Stephanie Martin’s prize included a diamond from Calleja Jewellers, thousands in shopping sprees and an all-expenses-paid 10-day trip for two to Melbourne, where Stephanie is set to compete with other state finalists for the title of “The Best Dressed Woman in Australia” in National Finals of Fashions on the Field competition during the Melbourne Cup. If Ms Martin wins the finals, her knockoff dress will score her additional $100,000 in prizes.

The judging panel of the fashion contest included several designers, fashion personalities and executives, as well as the editor of the Australian edition of Elle, all of whom, no doubt, must be very embarrassed now to have picked up a knockoff as the winner.

More on this story on On Track on Trend. Big image from collage from Myer’s Instagram.


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