Stay Away From My Bees-Knees


What length of skirt or dress have you been wearing most often? I find myself at least wanting a lot of dresses below the knee more often than ever. Sure it’s a must for modesty, but I honestly think skirts and dresses below the knee look better, especially on a person with a pear-shaped/hourglass body like me and the majority of women after the 1920s body shape shift.

Not that I admire Scarlett Johansson’s style in particular, but have you noticed she stays away from showing her knees too often? Scarlett is about my exact height and body type (although she looks way better and more hour glassy), but the most flattering dresses on her are ones that extend below the knee. Coco Chanel’s (only the most recognizable icon in fashion industry) two cents on knees being the ugliest part of a woman’s body led her to design her clothes to accommodate such standard.



Because it’s showing less skin, it ironically is more flattering on most women. It makes you look more mature in a way, and that could partly be because of historical influence in girls transitioning to longer skirts as they become women within society. I really don’t like tradition for tradition’s sake. However, when I see the point in sticking to something, I can agree to both its practicality and aesthetic. Chanel covered hers because she thought EVERY woman’s knees were ugly, and that can sound very degrading. Nobody can tell you your body part is “ugly.” If you cover your knees or any part of your body, it should really be your own decision.


I picked out some dresses that are on my wishlist from Dress Kode (1, 2, and 3), and it made me think of my dress length buying habits. The last dress isn’t actually below the knee, but I would like to use that as a tunic.

At the end of the day and with rules aside, it helps to think that maxi dresses and longer hemlines just look good on a woman’s physique “for some reason.” There must be an explanation why Disney princesses all have full length gowns. Thoughts?

Disclaimer: Header image edited from here, with title in reference to Arrested Development (almost done watching Season 4, sadly).

14 thoughts on “Stay Away From My Bees-Knees

  1. I don’t like my knees. On the rare occasions when I do wear a dress it’s length is past my knees.

  2. Mmmhh you always come up with tricky topics! And I never know what to say because I’m afraid to offend you somehow (we come from such a different background and religious view that I don’t really know how we get along blogwise haha) . Anyway here’s my thought: I can’t see why we should worry about such a “ordinary” part of our bodies. I mean, we are literally bombarded everyday on how our belly should look, how big our boobs should be, how thin our waist should look, how flawless our skin should be and it goes on and on and on. My critic comes maybe from the fact that I don’t like covering/showing philosophies of any kind: every woman should be completely free to show or not show parts of her body depending on her sensibility, but that should never be influenced by “how ugly this part of a woman’s body is”. I find it terribly sexist and anti-feminist. That said, midi dresses are trendy today, and that “legitimizes” the look on about everyone. I mean, you don’t look too serious or too old or too elegant or whatever. I still don’t know if I like it, I have a couple of midi dresses but I still haven’t put any on because they still look too smart for me haha! But I hope I will find a proper moment to wear them! If I must say though, I only like them with sky high heels; they make your leg look way shorter otherwise!

    1. Hey Elisa,

      I always welcome your honesty. I obviously wear skirts and dresses that are above my knees more often than not :-) I usually insert some ironies that people may not pick up, but this time I was really talking about how when I do wear something that is below my knee, I find myself feeling more confident and attractive in a way. It was a conclusion I found for myself looking at the mirror and not what others have told me. I’ve always had a problem with the modesty standard of not showing knees, to be honest. Because if modesty means not showing something “sexual,” then it is ironic because knees are thought to be ugly. I didn’t meant to say that knees ARE ugly. I think I should’ve written this post better :-/

      Some women like to emphasize body parts and likewise cover body parts to enhance their image. The opposite is not sexist IF it is for their own choice and for physical enhancement.

      I don’t cover my knees for modesty and for a standard of some sort. Chanel covered hers because she thought EVERY woman’s knees were ugly. That I agree with you is degrading. Nobody can tell you your body part is “ugly.”

      1. The last paragraph of your comment is exactly my thought! I don’t like rules in general, and this kind of rules are so stupid, like the “too fat/too skinny” rules and so on. You’re right, one should wear whatever one feels comfortable in, but the line between what you feel and what the society makes you feel is really blurred nowadays! That’s my thought! Like I may think that my belly has a bit too much flab to wear a bikini, but it’s not because I don’t feel comfortable with my “softness” or because my boyfriend/husband doesn’t like it: it is because I’m used to see super flat bellies everywhere! I hope I did explain my point about the whole thing despite my *tangled* English XD

  3. Being a guy, I think below the knees are perfectly fine depending on situation. I have no problem with above the knees either

  4. i think everyone has the choice to wear what they want. they can show and hide what they like, irrespective of the reasons you know. i suddenly stopped wearing sleeveless when i started developing stretchmarks on my upper arms. then when i realised it really shouldn’t matter i started wearing them again. i have actually seen people staring at them, i feel like smiling and saying yes i am not ashamed, deal with it if you think it is ugly. for dresses/skirts…hmmm..i think the midi length is right for a short person like me. i do wear shorts occasionally…but for for some reason i cannot wear dresses which end above the knee without stockings…

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