Stay Away From My Bees-Knees


What length of skirt or dress have you been wearing most often? I find myself at least wanting a lot of dresses below the knee more often than ever. Sure it’s a must for modesty, but I honestly think skirts and dresses below the knee look better, especially on a person with a pear-shaped/hourglass body like me and the majority of women after the 1920s body shape shift.

Not that I admire Scarlett Johansson’s style in particular, but have you noticed she stays away from showing her knees too often? Scarlett is about my exact height and body type (although she looks way better and more hour glassy), but the most flattering dresses on her are ones that extend below the knee. Coco Chanel’s (only the most recognizable icon in fashion industry) two cents on knees being the ugliest part of a woman’s body led her to design her clothes to accommodate such standard.



Because it’s showing less skin, it ironically is more flattering on most women. It makes you look more mature in a way, and that could partly be because of historical influence in girls transitioning to longer skirts as they become women within society. I really don’t like tradition for tradition’s sake. However, when I see the point in sticking to something, I can agree to both its practicality and aesthetic. Chanel covered hers because she thought EVERY woman’s knees were ugly, and that can sound very degrading. Nobody can tell you your body part is “ugly.” If you cover your knees or any part of your body, it should really be your own decision.


I picked out some dresses that are on my wishlist from Dress Kode (1, 2, and 3), and it made me think of my dress length buying habits. The last dress isn’t actually below the knee, but I would like to use that as a tunic.

At the end of the day and with rules aside, it helps to think that maxi dresses and longer hemlines just look good on a woman’s physique “for some reason.” There must be an explanation why Disney princesses all have full length gowns. Thoughts?

Disclaimer: Header image edited from here, with title in reference to Arrested Development (almost done watching Season 4, sadly).