Spring into Steampunk

This shoe collection and many others such as these funky extra tall bar stools can be found at CSN Stores.

Just when I was talking about how obsessed I was with the steampunk look in my previous post, I found these gorgeous shoes from Demonia’s Tesla collection. I think the name of this collection is very clever and appropriate! I found my favorite pair from the collection which I’m going to be reviewing in an outfit post soon!

I know Halloween is over, but I don’t think I will give up wanting to have this look on a normal day.  I think all you need is to have elements of the theme in mind without going all out in order to keep yourself from looking like you’re off to a costume party. When the occasion calls for a costume, then you can go all the way from makeup to attire.

It was difficult to scout for modest steampunk clothing, but I was able to gather some that I saved on my Tumblr account. A lot of what I saw and didn’t keep had good ideas, but they were your typical skimpy bustier costumes. Here’s a neat steamworks art blog I found from a guy subscribed to à la Modest.

Moving on to the runway, designer John Galliano came up with an amazing steampunk-like line in his Spring 2011 collection most notably for the men. I embedded the full video below for your viewing pleasure. Although, I did find a favorite runway look from his womens collection:

Here is John Galliano’s Spring 2011 mens collection, girls! Watch out for Chaplin below!

Steampunk movies: Besides Steamboy, I recently found out about an extraordinary French steampunk film called Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec) by Luc Besson which I am dying to see! I must warn you that there is obviously nudity in this because they even had it in the trailer briefly. Netflix doesn’t have it in their database, but I hope they add it very soon!

21 thoughts on “Spring into Steampunk

  1. I love love LOVED the fashion show video!!! I even liked the music. Very entertaining :)
    And I loved that the designer had fishtail braids. That made me smile:)

  2. I love the steampunk look!! I love the victorian elements!! When it comes to steampunk I try to look for more modest Victorian inspired pieces. Like a sweet Victorian blouse! I also love to incorporate steampunk inspired accessories like jewelry & shoes! (I adore the shoes you picked!! So precious!!) I just love Tesla coils & science & nerdy goodies! So I go totally goo goo for cute-modest steampunk goodies!! (it also plays in nicely with my love of vintage!)

    Great post!

  3. Thing is, I love that movie where they got all the Chaplin inspiration from. awesome.

    My husband really loves steampunk stuff a lot (not necessarily the fashion, more the technology). Have you heard of Berit NY? My rob and I have hung out with her once and her husband (whom we have hung out with even more than her). They are obsessed with steampunk fashion and life. She is a Christian who designs all of the stuff on there. Her husband was a pastor in NYC for a while for punks and such but things didn’t go to well financially and they seem to do Bible studies now instead in their home each week that he leads instead.

  4. I hung out with her at a friend’s wedding reception, but I didnt know that she was known or was out there with her fashion stuff at that time. I learned afterwards. She is very quiet but I did try to get to know her.

    Yes i got the contest up on free grechen but dont know if it helped at all.

  5. Wow, these shoes are gorgeous! Too bad I can´t wear heels for a long time. I´m so used to flats or that I have a low arch.

    Too bad I don´t live near your place Rach, I could have asked all of your leftover candies without second thoughts but getting an extra sugar high. ;)

  6. I’d never heard of steampunk until I read your post. Thanks for the heads up. I have recently moved toward more covered up dressing as a lot of the skimpy outfits were what I call ego dressing. I am enjoying your site.

  7. I can’t believe I havent seen ‘Adèle Blanc-Sec’ yet! Love the Galliano show. Also Ann Demeulemeester (my favourite designer EVER) did some serious Steampunk looks last year too… including a jacket which I had to buy! (ouch!) Thanks for including me!

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