Spring into Steampunk

This shoe collection and many others such as these funky extra tall bar stools can be found at CSN Stores.

Just when I was talking about how obsessed I was with the steampunk look in my previous post, I found these gorgeous shoes from Demonia’s Tesla collection. I think the name of this collection is very clever and appropriate! I found my favorite pair from the collection which I’m going to be reviewing in an outfit post soon!

I know Halloween is over, but I don’t think I will give up wanting to have this look on a normal day.  I think all you need is to have elements of the theme in mind without going all out in order to keep yourself from looking like you’re off to a costume party. When the occasion calls for a costume, then you can go all the way from makeup to attire.

It was difficult to scout for modest steampunk clothing, but I was able to gather some that I saved on my Tumblr account. A lot of what I saw and didn’t keep had good ideas, but they were your typical skimpy bustier costumes. Here’s a neat steamworks art blog I found from a guy subscribed to à la Modest.

Moving on to the runway, designer John Galliano came up with an amazing steampunk-like line in his Spring 2011 collection most notably for the men. I embedded the full video below for your viewing pleasure. Although, I did find a favorite runway look from his womens collection:

Here is John Galliano’s Spring 2011 mens collection, girls! Watch out for Chaplin below!

Steampunk movies: Besides Steamboy, I recently found out about an extraordinary French steampunk film called Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec) by Luc Besson which I am dying to see! I must warn you that there is obviously nudity in this because they even had it in the trailer briefly. Netflix doesn’t have it in their database, but I hope they add it very soon!