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Please welcome my newest sponsor, Mili Bra. I finally found a bra that looks smooth under a t-shirt! Their bras are made out of pure cotton ALL over, so the cups inside are not made with synthetic material, which is what you get with most “cotton bras.” I’ve been having back problems lately, and I think it’s because my bras aren’t very comfortable to wear. Mili Bra is very soft to the touch and is made from breathable material (check out each layer close up), so you can probably sleep in these if you want to. No more rashes, itchiness, sweat, or scratchy elastics. The bras aren’t lumpy, so you can wear them without seeing bumps on your back or shoulders… which can get really unslightly, unless you are somehow into the reptile look?

What’s awesome is that Mili Bra’s design is patented, so you’re getting something completely new—and frankly, will probably change your life (as far as comfy underwear go). Their website is also distraction-free, having mostly just photos of the actual undergarments on there without models. I think in this case, you can live with not being able to see how something looks on someone—it’s just for chilling out :) It’s $39 each, but I think it’s definitely heavenly. So give it a try!

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6 thoughts on “Sponsor: Mili Bra

  1. Those bras look awesome! And they’re made of cotton? I must have at least one of them :) I hate syntetics. Also, tt’s important to me to have soft and breathable underclothes.

    1. Victoria, between you and me (and I guess the rest of the people who can read this comment), I agree with you :) Why settle for plain if you can only wear your bare body for one person? This would be a good sports bra though (breathable).

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