Smooth Out the Ruffled Edges

I was wearing a jean shirt dress that was too short, so I paired it with a jean skirt underneath of the same bleached hue. It actually looked more like a tunic than a dress. This same dress without the jean skirt would look nice with leggings or jeans.

I always try my best to cover my butt and the shape of my legs. The reason to cover up certain areas of your body has nothing to do with whether you think those parts are sexually attractive to others or not. Those parts are probably all in the same category of possible lust factors. I’m not sure if my covered parts are attractive either, but my husband should be the only judge of that!

The dress was also a bit low-cut for my standards, so I got this white ruffled blouse to go inside. I pulled out the ruffles of the shirt so that they would pop out like an accordion, layered over the chest area. You may think that ruffles accentuate the bust. In most cases, they do. In this case, they actually hide the shape of it because they are flat, wide, and spread out . The dress already had vertical ruffles around the top, so the effect was simply beautiful.

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