If Sleeping Beauty Wore Turquoise


Sleeping Beauty wearing turquoise? Yes! There is a type of stone called “Sleeping Beauty Turquoise,” and I thought I’d liven this post up with an image of Aurora with turquoise jewelry as I talk about the stones!  Princess Aurora’s gown is actually turquoise in color, but my favorite outfit of hers (and there must’ve been three total not including her baby outfit) is actually this modest beige and black “French maid” dress with a black headband. I fell in love with this look so much that I tried to dress like her when I was a little girl—up until today!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the most popular kind of turquoise found only in one place—the Sleeping Beauty mine near Globe, Arizona. The mine got its name because of its shape resembling a sleeping woman. See the photo below!


I actually am sort of interested in seeing Maleficent in the theater, because Sleeping Beauty was my second favorite Disney princess story next to Aladdin. It’s coming out on my birthday, May 30 ;-) The first time I saw the trailer, I knew whose shadow it was immediately just by seeing those curvy horns on that woman’s head! I was referring to the villain, not Angelina Jolie! I gave myself a pat on the back.


Star of David  turquoise necklaceCross turquoise necklaceDrop turquoise necklace

Do you remember what year it was when turquoise was the “hottest” stone out there? I know there always seems to be SOMETHING every year, but if I remember it right that was when I was in high school, and I really wanted a lot of turquoise jewelry! The color is truly maleficent… I mean, magnificent! Have you heard about Sleeping Beauty turquoise before?

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