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Shopping at Nottevera

May 29th, 2013

notteveraHere are things from the Italian store Nottevera you wouldn’t think of pairing together, but I think this outfit looks subtly modern (in the futuristic sense, not in the 60s sense!). I’ve been trying to find a lot of high neck sleeveless tops for this summer, and it’s hard to find ones that aren’t full blown turtle necks. I like them, because I think they look more sophisticated than low cut tops which you see every other girl wearing. High neck tops in my opinion look sexier in a way, because they support the phrase giving ” more room for the imagination,” if you’re into that kind of thing? I like high neck tops because of the previous reason—because they are not very common and look more sophisticated (Steve Jobs?). This sleeveless top I’m featuring has a nice blue grunge texture print on it, too.

That black bag is so creepy, I love it.  The belt I like for its checkerboard-like buckle with pizzaz!

4 Responses to “Shopping at Nottevera”

  1. MC Chau

    Looks like some really unique clothing! Love the black bag – I think it’s pretty!

  2. Cheri S.

    The top’s pattern looks kind of like the sky

  3. Anita

    These are some really cool items! Obsessed with that clutch!

  4. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Anita,

    I agree ;-)

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