Shoe Inserts with Heels (Shoe Lifts): How to Wear + Giveaway


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While I was looking for comfy gel inserts a while back, I landed on these things called shoe lifts. They’re inserts with heels! Having these can transform your shoes into wedges, which is a really neat thought. Here are the different kinds you’ll see being sold and the type of shoe they’re best for.

The goal of shoe lifts are to add height and create a more slender look to your legs while keeping the heel a secret. You can only really wear them with flat shoes—sneakers, ballet flats, etc. Every flat shoe is different though, so it’s not a guarantee that shoe lifts will fit just any flat shoe. You’ll have to do some trial and error.

I’m giving the following kinds of shoe lifts their own names, but you may see them named as something else elsewhere. You’ll just have to remember what they look like. They can come in different colors, materials, and styles. Although shoe lifts come in one size, you need to keep in mind that the pairs are different for men and women.

These are the most common kinds:

1) Heel Only Stackable


These shoe lifts go from your heel to about a couple of inches into the center of your sole (Twilight Zone music cue). You should get these heel-only inserts with three stacks at most. There might be pairs out there with more, but you’ll have to be really lucky to manage stuffing them in your tennis shoes.

2) Whole Foot Stackable / Non-Stackable


These inserts look more like your regular pair of shoe inserts, because they cover your whole sole. They are different from your regular inserts, because they have detachable heels. You can cut the tips to fit your feet.

3) Sock Inserts – Heel Only,  Stackable / Non-Stackable


These guys come with somewhat rounder and smoother surfaces, so that they can be discreet inside your socks while being worn as is without your shoes on. I’ve worn these at house parties that required guests to remove their shoes with no problem. They don’t make a noise when you walk around. You can also wear these inside your shoes, because I personally think they are the most comfortable kind. The red pair I have above are more like sock inserts, because they are smoother and not too high. The more common sock insole looks like this.




So now that you know what these are, who wants to get a  FREE set of stackable inserts for men & women from Lift Height Insoles valued at $70+? Just follow the instructions below, making sure you do the two required methods of entry. I will be checking & deleting the entries that are not done, potentially disqualifying you from the contest. There will be multiple winners! Open to all. Contest ends 9/14.

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CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: Megan D, Sla?ana Sušilovi?, and Sarah Jackson!

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  2. I liked Shoe Lifts Insoles on Facebook! Oksana Vladimirovna

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  3. has anyone tried the female shoe lifts from

    I am thinking of getting a pair since they make them in small sizes too..

    my reason for getting them is simple… i feel too short around my friends…I know guys are bothered by being short but i me too ..

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