Shamballa Style


Shamballa Style‘s jewelry has a very distinct feature to it, if you look at their site. Everything is rhinestone-studded, which gives it a nice frosted texture. My favorites are the black and white/silver square bracelets. The colors and rhinestones look classy, but the rope makes the bracelet look casual and rugged. I’ve been really into that combination—wear something grungy then glam it up with rhinestones here and there.

The name Shamballa sparked my interest in the mythical Shangri-La once again. The Tibetan and Indian mythical kingdom is thought to be the same thing as 1930s author James Hilton’s Shangri-La. I get pretty obsessed with those topics. I research and read a lot about whatever myth or mystery strikes my fancy at the moment, find documentaries on the topic, then do movie marathons, and think about how the supernatural relates to where I am right now. I really believe that a person isn’t really living if they don’t give the spiritual world some credence. Those who are closed to those matters are the ones who are just creating their own false realities, and the spiritualists are being the realists.

What do you believe in?


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