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Shabby Apple Tartans Tweeds
The ShetlandShabby Apple Tartans Tweeds

Queensferry Blouse | Cora SkirtShabby Apple Tartans Tweeds


Ceud mìle fàilte! That means one hundred thousand welcomes in Gaelic/Scottish. Shabby Apple just introduced its new Fall 2013 collection called Tartans and Tweeds. I say, I’m really loving this new collection. I have above some of my most favorite. I like the above outfits the most, because they’d look good alone even without elaborating with accessories and hair, don’t you think? Some dresses need something to compliment it with, but you don’t have to with these. The faux fur, the tweed, the tartan are more than enough to wow you! Check out some more of Shabby Apple’s vintage clothing.

Did you know that the word tartan just means plaid in North America, but in Scottland, plaid means a piece of tartan cloth hung over the shoulder or just a plain bed sheet?  I really like learning about differences in culture, time, and culture through time. Tweed is a material that used to be worn only by the upper class, and now we can enjoy it no matter what stature. Oh, bless equality!




Shabby Apple is giving away a dress of YOUR choice (not from this collection).  Ends 10/13! I will contact the winner for their dress choice.

All you have to do is to add Shabby Apple on Facebook & Instragram AND leave comments throughout this blog and/or A LA MODEST’s Instagram. No need to submit the URLs. Just comment on this post your name and e-mail and confirm that you’ve followed Shabby Apple. This contest IS NOT random, so make sure you leave as many comments as you can throughout the giveaway!

You can comment:

1. On any non-giveaway post on Alamodest.com with the name and e-mail you used to enter the contest.

2. On any fairly recent photo on A LA MODEST’s Instagram

3. Check out my latest sponsor Christine Lingerie and tell me in a comment what you like best from their page.



Mafalda C. – 30 comments

16 Responses to “Shabby Apple’s Tartans and Tweeds + GIVEAWAY”

  1. Heidi

    I checked out this collection yesterday and I love it! I am a little obsessed with plaid this season though I haven’t gotten anything in Plaid yet but I am tempted to! haha
    I love the first dress but I am afraid it’s too hot here in the winter to ever wear that. :(
    Great giveaway too!

    – Heidi

  2. Rachel Dahl

    Hi Heidi,

    Yeah, I do wonder if it’s suitable for fall in general. I don’t like my dresses to be too thick either, because there’s always heavy coats for the cold. Indoors during winter can get pretty warm… and of course, depending on where you live, it’s worse. Do you live in Florida/California?


  3. Sylvie Acklin

    Loving this collection! It’s so fashion forward and has me aching for autumn! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  4. Jennifer Olson

    I like the Garbo short robe

  5. elaine

    oh, i’d love to win a dress from them!

  6. Mafalda C.

    I’ve followed Shabby Apple on Facebook & Instagram :)
    That’s my email on the comment, you can reach me at http://www.sailorettes.com/contact too.

    PS: Love love love the Shetland dress you picked for this post! <3

  7. darci

    I follow on pinterest and facebook

  8. darci

    I love most everything…I particularly LOVE Blair!

  9. shelly boyd

    Wow!.. The Calypso Chemise @ Christine’s Lingerie is so much fun!
    Following on Instgram (shellyrobyn) and have long been an FB fan (Shelly Boyd).

  10. Kim-Tram

    omg! I pretty much love everything from shappy apple!
    now i’m super excited for this giveaway!
    just followed all of the required accounts!
    i pretty much love all of them, esp the i’m late! i’m late dress!

  11. April G

    I love their dresses! This collection is fabulous, especially the Christie! I follow them already. Awesome company!

  12. Mafalda C.

    I was looking through Christine Lingerie’s website and I adore the Glamour Gown, it’s stunning!

  13. APRIL D

    Such cute dresses! I follow on Facebook and Instagram

  14. Alyssa B.

    I follow Shabby Apple on FB & Instagram! I also follow Ala Modest on Instagram :)

  15. Meira

    I really like the clothing, but I LOVE the photos! That’s some photographer!

  16. Rachel Dahl

    I agree, Meira! The photographer had a good eye for backdrops, too.

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