Server of Satan

So, what has been up? If you’ve seen my Tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails, or have just been on the blog this week, you probably already know that I’ve been jacked up big time by my villainous Web host, WebHostingPad.

I’m going to take this time to expose their devious schemes and republish this article everywhere on the ninnernets. Retweet and link to this post if you feel compelled to do so.

Although I do not believe Harold Camping and his prophesy-yet-again flop (apprently, he is still sticking with his Oct 21st prophesy), coincidentally, the blog shut down completely on May 21, 2011.  WebHostingPad had a massive and “rare” server crash that wiped out all my databases—including other customers. All gone, irreversible. Not only was this blog hosted on WHP, years of work that I did for other people in my business were also on there. The apocalypse may not have happened for everyone, but it sure felt like it for me. Back when I first signed up with them about almost two years ago, I did do my research and found them to be an okay company with so-so reviews. I bought into the extremely cheap price and astounding service that they promised and just went ahead and entrusted my life’s work to their malicious server, ignoring some of the negative feedback people had left in their reviews.

The day I found out that their servers crashed, I contacted tech support through e-mail, chat, and phone. None of them expressed their apologizes or were sympathetic in any way.  Only one employee that I caught on the phone admitted that it was their fault and couldn’t do anything to revert the damages. Everyone else that I conversed with through e-mail sent me short replies with no mention of this internally caused tragedy.  I believe it’s a ploy they have,  not saying anything in writing that can be potentially used against them legally. I tried my best not to be emotional about it, because I surely was devastated and mortified by the company’s reaction to all of this. As a side note: One thing I dislike about us females in general is our tendency to take our hightened emotions everywhere, including inappropriate and professional situations. I’ve dealt with those kinds of women in the business world, and I can really see the point of why some people firmly believe that only men should lead countries. There are rarely women who can stay feminine yet also be emotionally strong at the same time. Just food for thought, ladies. I’ll probably write more about this issue some other time.

Anyway, going back. Researching on more review sites, I found an adequate amount of negative feedback for WHP, with comments including the words “scam” and “rip off.” One guy said that his credit card got charged even after he cancelled his account. Some people also had their business Web sites hosted on their servers, so this crash (or other crashes in the past) cost them a lot of money and lost business. I was fortunate enough to have a somewhat recent backup of this blog and my other professional work, but I still lost a lot of posts and one entire business Web site that I made for a client. The client had paid over $2K for this work, but thankfully, it wasn’t being used at the time of the crash. God may have saved me in this tragedy by having this client let me go after they were done with the Web site before this crash happened. Even with that small, fortunate (yet outdated) backup of mine, WHP still should have been responsible in backing up their customers’ databases regularly. It’s most likely that not everyone hosted on their servers knows how to back up their own stuff, and it was clearly WHP’s fault for losing all that data. I’ve backuped and restored data easily in the past on other hosts, but this time, the backup that I got from WHP was faulty and incomplete. This was a unique and much more complex situation to solve even for a techy person like me.

WHP advertises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. What a lie. Even before this megacrash, my Web sites were only up maybe 70% of the time, but I let that go. A couple of months leading up to doomsday, they were only up maybe 30% of the time. Their service got exponentially worse. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the problems didn’t start until way after that timeframe. One person from one of the reviews I read even said that immediately after 30 days, his Web site started to act bananas. It was too late for the man to get his money back, unfortunately. There was nothing he could do about it, because it was a policy clearly stated. I paid four whole years in advance to be hosted on WHP to get their most awesome low-cost monthly deal, but little did I know that I was baited hook, line, and sinker to their fraud. I wasn’t even halfway done my time, and they had already lost all of my databases—as long as the problems start after 30 days right? Fail.

I went on WHP’s Facebook page and posted comments questioning what had happened, without being rude or obscene. The next time I checked on the page, the comments were all gone, I was kicked out from the fan page (I wasn’t a fan anyway), and I hadn’t even gotten replies from the administrator. The comments on their page are kept positive, still promising the 99.9% uptime guarantee to anyone interested in their services. It’s best to just look at objective and reputable review sites when researching about companies.

I really want to sue this company for false advertising and damages, but as I looked everywhere on the Web for help, I read that it’s almost impossible to sue an Internet company, because of jurisdiction difficulties, among other things. Rarely have people won or even pursued lawsuits against online businesses. Almost all of them, including WHP, have terms of services that protect them from liabilities. WHP, I think (after trying to interpret their vaguely written fine print) has a policy that says they can only refund the amount of money the customer paid if ever they would have to legally do so—the thing is, whatever the other customers and I lost are worth much more than what we paid WHP! The difference is massive.

I was literally immobile and in tears for losing all that work and stayed up for days just trying to restore what databases I have backed up from the past. It was a difficult process because I didn’t expect something of this scale to happen beyond my control. Some of you have seen the dreaded default page I had up when I did a fresh installtion of WordPress,  a database connection error, a blank page, and what have you. I even saw a few comments come in right when this blog was still all wacky from the imperfect restoration process. Thank you so much for sticking with me through all of this. Some of your precious comments were also lost if they were left between the time I backed up this blog and when WHP servers crashed.  I was able to restore some of those missing comments and published posts, though, because they went straight to my e-mail. Thank goodness for redundancy. Redundancy is one of the things you need in order to protect yourself from losing digital things.

By the way, the title “Server of Satan” was not at all meant to have a religious connotation. I was trying to be comical and hateful at the same time, so please excuse me if it offended anyone, because I only meant to expose Web Hosting Pad for their evil ways.

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13 thoughts on “Server of Satan

    1. Haha, I think you mean un-wicked. Wicked is a good thing :) But yes, in a non-British expression sense, they are totally wickedly evil.

    1. Wordpad? Haha, I don’t think I’d ever go that low… j/k. Yes, there is a way to back up Blogger, but because Blogger is now owned by a reputable company (Google), you shouldn’t worry too much about it crashing anytime soon. If you still want to though, you should be able to find instructions everywhere online for that. You can also back up your blog and transfer it elsewhere if ever you will need to do that. Blogger should be transferrable to other blogging tools like WordPress (what I am using). You shouldn’t worry about Blogger though. You are not hosting it yourself. I am hosting mine myself on a 3rd party paid hosting company. Hope that helps?


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    Ugh… How horrid!! I am absolutely paranoid about crashes/losing my work. I can only imagine how distressing it must be for you Rachel. Good thing you did have those backups though! I am turning on my external hard drive right now to do another back up ~ I am beginning to believe that you just cannot back up too often or in too many different ways.

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ? * ~

    1. Hi Bonita,

      I’m very lazy with backing up in general because I wasn’t paranoid about it until now. You can set up automatic back ups on a schedule on your computer or host if you have the option to, so you don’t have to think about it.

  2. I am so sorry!!! I was equally as frustrated when blogger deleted my blog a few weeks ago, I thought I lost everything – not cool. This is on a much bigger scale because you have work, so that is all so awful!

  3. I’d love to post this to my linkedin account for all my DAM groups (Digital Asset Management). This can help spread the word to everyone in our community. Do I just copy and paste or do you have another link that I can attach? Thank you.

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